Yesterday saw yet another ugly expression of radical Islamic terrorism, right here at home, on American soil, as a jihadi used a van — notice it wasn’t a gun — to slaughter innocent people in the name of his holy war.

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant, ended up killing eight people during his brief reign of terror, but was thankfully stopped by the judicious marksmanship of a brave police officer.

Saipov was rushed to the hospital, where it’s being reported that he’s not at all remorseful for his actions and is in fact, bragging about the attack.

Here are more details about the police officer and the events that led up to the end of the attack via NY Post:

NYPD Officer Ryan Nash was out on a routine call — to locate an emotionally disturbed person — when suddenly he came face to face with a terrorist committing the worst massacre in New York City in years.

Nash, 28, who is stationed in the 1st Precinct, stopped the killing spree by shooting Sayfullo Saipov near Stuyvesant High School at Chamber and West streets on Tuesday, police sources said.

Saipov shouted “Allahu akbar!” — Arabic for “God is great!” — after allegedly ramming a Home Depot rental pickup truck into people along a bike path, killing eight. He then whipped out two weapons — which turned out to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun — as he ran from his smashed truck.

Nash gave chase, drew his weapon and opened fire, bringing down the 29-year-old suspect before he could do any more harm, law enforcement sources said.

The fast-acting cop has been on the job for more than five years with more than 50 arrests to his credit, sources said.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have the police and ought to thank our lucky stars every day the NYPD exists, otherwise the carnage would have been much, much worse. And it was clearly bad enough already.

Police officers deserve respect because unlike the vast majority of us, they knowingly, willingly, march into the unknown, fully aware that someone or something might end their lives that day, that they might not make it back to see their families, yet they do it anyway.

And given the ridiculously low salaries cops make, you can’t tell me they sign up for the money. I just don’t buy that.

On a side note, it’s time to bury ISIS six feet in the dirt, to wipe their organization off the face of the earth. Now. How much more do these cretins have to do before people stop trying to pander to them and just take them out?

I’d say now is as good a day as any.


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