Matt Walsh is no stranger to stirring up controversy. In fact, it’s pretty much what the man lives for, and with his brand of “telling it straight,” the world is a better place with his brutal honesty in it.

As much as conservatives love the man, the left hates him with an equally intense passion, especially whenever he brings up the topic of abortion. The murder of the unborn is one of the most heinous issues our nation faces today.

How can a nation remain a free people if they cannot even protect the most fundamental right we possess as human beings? Short answer: we can’t.

Walsh recently got into an online exchange with the Church of Satan on this heavily divisive issue, and man is it ever epic in scope.

via Twitchy:

Matt Walsh published a blog on how the disgusting Left has been celebrating “Jane’s” abortion as some sort of f’d up win for justice. There are really no words to describe how heartless someone must be to think the death of any unborn child is somehow a win.

Walsh did an excellent job engaging the Church of Satan and exposing the fatal flaws in their twisted worldview.

Obviously, these aren’t the typical Hollywood notion of satan worshippers. The folks who belong to the Church of Satan are more like extreme humanists. They believe that man is the ultimate being who gets to define his own morality, his own set of principles that makes right and wrong.

According to those very people in the tweet, there’s no such thing as right and wrong. It’s all subjective. It’s the whole “truth is relative” postmodern nonsense that literally debunks itself, yet people keep pushing it because the principle allows them to do whatever their heart desires. Oh and they think it makes them look smarter.

The problem is, if there’s no such thing as an objective, agreed upon universal standard of right and wrong, why do we have laws for everyone to abide by in society? What if I don’t agree with those laws? What if I don’t agree that murder is a bad thing? Why should I go to prison for doing what I feel, in my view is right? Why does one group of people then get to impose their view of right and wrong on me? Without an objective standard to judge by, everything, rape, murder, is all permissible.

The moment humanists like the Church of Satan admit that in order to make society work we need an objective standard of morality — which is simply logical — their whole worldview falls apart. If they admit an objective standard of morality must exist, they must state who this standard is to come from. In order for a being to be able to provide a set of moral standards that are universal, fair, and justice, this being can’t be a man, for he would have to be a man that is all knowing and all powerful. No man is either of those things, thankfully.

Only an all-knowing being would be able to have the information necessary to create a totally fair and objective standard of morality. But it’s not enough just to have all the known information in the universe to make said standard. No, he must also possess the power to enforce his standard, therefore he must be all powerful.

A being that’s all knowing and all powerful who provides an objective moral standard to live by would be God.

Thus, logically, the Church of Satan’s worldview is utter dog doo, unless they borrow from the Christian worldview.

Silly humanists.


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