Now that the left has started the big push to normalize transgender behavior, attempting to use shame as their primary tactic for shifting the paradigm of transgenderism as mental illness to some sort of personality quirk, we’re starting to hear the phrase “sex change” a whole heck of a lot more.

What was once a strange and rare thing to hear of, many folks who suffer from gender dysphoria are coming out of the woodwork and announcing their “transition” to the world, not at all shy about everyone knowing about their hormone therapy and surgeries.

In a move that’s about as shocking as a Democrat telling a fib, the mainstream media eagerly plasters these individuals on television, attempting to turn them into poster children for the left’s latest pet cause — now that gay marriage has become a thing — but what they don’t report is the aftermath of sex change operations and how most folks who get one totally regret it later in life.

Many studies have been done that indicate folks who go through with these kind of operations grow depressed and end up wishing they hadn’t taken such drastic measures to express what they slowly begin to perceive is a mental problem and not a “being born in the wrong body” problem.

The story of a British man named Brad Cooper is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Cooper has already undergone two sex change operations, but still has not “found himself” and despite indulging his emotional whims, is not happy with the outcome of his surgeries.

His solution to his unhappiness? Well, it certainly isn’t to learn how to accept himself as he is — which I always thought was a staple of leftist ideology, but apparently only when it’s politically expedient — or to find his identity in his Creator.

Nope. He’s decided to have yet another surgery.

Via LifeSiteNews:

Brad “Ria” Cooper, who was the UK’s youngest “sex change” patient at 15, announced he is undergoing his third “sex change” operation, this time to make himself more like a woman again.

Shortly after his 18th birthday, Cooper “transitioned” back to his biological gender and lived as a “gay man.”

“But five years in Ria is more certain than ever that is not the real her – and is making her second attempt at becoming a woman to have the future she always dreamed of,” The Mirror reported.

De-transitioning back to a man “made me even more unhappy,” Cooper said. “Now I’m going to be me – and I hope I will finally be happy.”

Cooper told the UK show This Morning that his life went downhill after a documentary about his “transition” was released when he was 18.

“I was really depressed and I was struggling to find work – no one would give me a job,” he said. “My documentary was out when I was 18 and that like, kind of ruined my life from there.”

Walt Heyer, founder of SexChangeRegret.Com spoke with LifeSiteNews about Cooper saying, “This is a very troubled individual and anybody that’s a fair-minded person would look at this and realize that changing genders is not gonna fix what we know to be co-morbid psychological and emotional disorders.”

Heyer himself once lived his life in the throes of mental illness becoming a transgender woman, but later on embraced his biological sexual identity, so this is obviously something he knows quite a bit about.

Cooper went on to clarify that his third operation is not going to be funded by tax payer money via Britain’s socialist healthcare system, but was given the cash from someone else.

The troubled young man didn’t have a full sex change operation the first time.

There are two factors at play here that have led to Cooper’s heartbreaking situation. One is that he is indeed suffering from some sort of mental illness. That much should be quite clear.

Secondly, he, like all of us, is a broken sinner, an image bearer of God who has been marred by the fall of man and is feeling his separation from the Creator who made Him, who could give him purpose and identity.

This deep hole in his heart is yearning to be filled, but all the things he’s putting in it don’t really seem to provide the satisfaction he’s longing for so desperately.

That’s because the only one who can satisfy his heart and soul is Jesus Christ, but his sin — which we are born in — is keeping him from experiencing the joy of that relationship, keeping him from beholding the glory of God that provides mankind’s ultimate happiness.

No matter how hard Cooper tries to find his identity in the expression of sexual identity, it will simply never be enough. He will always feel empty, battle depression, and look for meaning in his life.

If only he knew just how much God loved him, just as he is, that the way he was made from the get-go is a perfect work of art from the hands of a masterful Artist, perhaps he wouldn’t go to such drastic lengths to become something he knows deep down he is not.


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