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Secret Service personnel have arrested Michael Agrega, a native of Dallas, Texas for making felony threats against the country and it’s leaders, with fear that he would attempt to carry through with them.

Agrega’s ex-wife tipped off authorities that his behavior was becoming more and more scary, through his Facebook posts.

Some of the more recent posts were about killing President Trump, and especially killing “all white police (officers).”

Though Agrega was spotted and arrested unarmed, he had posted to Facebook that he was on his way to The White House which raised concerns among the Montgomery County (MD) Police Department, who then sent out the memo to the Secret Service.

According to Agrega’s Facebook page, he is doing this all “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Really? Killing the President of the United States in the name of Jesus Christ. Killing all white police officers in the name of Jesus Christ. Where is the logic?

I’m not sure if we’re worshipping the same guy, but my savior had no tolerance for making a mockery of His name. He also had no tolerance for using His name for the persecution of others. Maybe after Mr. Agrera finishes his sentence for his felony charges, he will get his message straight and come to the realization that not only is his view of Christianity against everything that was taught, but that his view of our President is as well.


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