We live in a day and age where political correctness and tolerance are buzzwords we hear constantly being tossed around by the radical leftist element in this country, yet when it comes to actually putting their inclusivity into practice the left falls dreadfully short of their proclamation.

A great example of this recently occurred on the campus of the University of California Santa Cruz, which isn’t a bit surprising given how major colleges have become nothing more than toilet bowls overflowing with progressive tomfoolery.

So anyway, the Student Republicans group on campus had a meeting that was interrupted by an angry mob of protesters last week, which put that lovely “tolerance” and “inclusivity” of others beliefs the left is always bragging about on full display.

Well, the President of the UCSC Student Democrats, Weslyn Church, decided to stand up for the First Amendment rights of his ideological opponents, and boy oh boy did she catch a metric crap ton of hate for doing so.

Guess the only tolerance available from the left is for those who already think like them.

via Truth Revolt:

College Reform reports that, in a Facebook post, Church said “As the President of the College Democrats at UCSC, I stand in support of the College Republicans’ right to free speech and free assembly.” She said that she knows that if “this situation happened to the College Democrats,” the College Republicans “would do the same.”

She went on to say that “The organizers of this disruption harmed not only the civil debate that was ongoing, but also the studying experience of those in the library. These protesters should be ashamed of their un-American and undemocratic actions,” while praising the College Republicans for being “nothing but polite and cordial.”

A depressingly small number of people agreed with her, and a lot of people lost their minds that she would suggest Republicans should have Constitutional rights. Comments (College Reform has the screenshots) included “You’re the same f-ing party; neoliberal, capitalist, racist, narc-ass cop loving, Wall Street zombie f-ks,” “turning this into a discussion of ‘free speech’ is playing right into the fascists’ hands,” and “Un-American LOLOL.” There’s also the very eloquent “LAUGHING OUT LOUD hahahahahaha,” which is sure to win hearts and minds.

Every single human being in this country has a constitutionally protected right to express their religious and political beliefs without fear of being shut down by the government and silenced by evil people who want to force their own way of thinking down on others.

As a conservative, I absolutely support the right of my fellow Americans, no matter what political affiliation they are, to express their worldview, to talk about the problems they see in our country, and to share what solutions they think are best.

I also support my right to vehemently disagree, to sit down and engage with that person’s thoughts and ideas with my own and allow the truth to rise to the surface. I don’t have to hate liberals, they don’t have to hate conservatives.

We’re all human beings who happen to have different approaches to the same problems plaguing mankind. Let’s talk about them. Let’s freely debate with each other and if we can be persuasive, great. If not, let’s try and be friends anyway, relating to each other on other common ground.

That’s how it used to be, and I long for those days now, don’t you?


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