It seems the mainstream media is responding just how you think they would to Tuesday’s horrific terrorist attack in New York City, with a complete and utter lack of human decency, opting to push the leftist agenda rather than do their journalistic duty to report the truth.

Publications like the New York Times, an unabashedly leftwing propaganda tool for the Democratic Party, among many other similar news outlets have been burying the “Allahu akbar” phrase the terrorist who carried out the attack shouted.

Why would they do such a thing? To pander to the Muslim population in America of course. Why else? Got to have that all important demographic to regain power.

via BizpacReview:

A breaking banner on TheNYT website said the man “yelled ‘God is great’ in Arabic,” and the same indirect reporting remained in a blurb on the homepage. “The police said the driver shouted ‘God is great’ in Arabic and was shot and taken to a hospital,” the paper stated.

Translation: the man was heard yelling “Allahu akbar,” a phrase that is obviously a strong indicator he is an Islamic extremist, regardless of its English translation.

The Washington Post (whose new motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness”) made no mention of the phrase whatsoever on the homepage of its website or in the report, and simply described the attacker who shouted the Islamic phrase as “a man.”

CNN also chose not to mention the Islamic phrase on its homepage.

Here’s an example of the headlines from several major publications which shows the great lengths these people went to in order to not “offend” any folks from the Muslim community.

New York Times:


That CNN one is truly atrocious, as you can clearly see they bent over backwards to avoid any mention of the suspect being Muslim or the attack being in anyway a terrorist attack related to radical Islam.

Whether the left wants to admit it or not, the biggest threat our nation faces, when it comes to security and safety, is the one posed by extremists from groups like ISIS. These people truly believe they are destined to bring about the end of the world and that to accomplish that, they must launch World War III, hence why they continue to wreak havoc all over the globe.

When is enough, enough? These wackadoos have killed far too many innocent people as it is. How many more need to die before we take appropriate action that leaves these radical groups as nothing more than a pile of ash and rubble?

Also, the media needs to drop the agenda pushing and return to at least trying to appear non-biased in its reporting of the facts, you know, so people can make up their own minds about where they stand on an issue instead of having their beliefs spoon fed to them.


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