The ultimate end goal for the radical left, which is really the mainstream liberals these days as the hardcore folk have waltzed out of the shadows, is to create a big nanny state where the government makes all your decisions for you.

Since, you know, you and I are too stupid to decide what the right decisions are regarding food, who can be married, ect. and need the help of the cream of the crop of society to guide us. You know, “the elites.”

Nowhere is this mission made more clear than in the manner in which the government seeks to undermine parents at every possible turn.

Like allowing children under 18 to get abortions without parental consent or giving them sexual advice and education without permission of the parents, indoctrinating them about left-wing issues like transgenderism and punishing students who speak openly about the faith they are being taught at home.

Believe it or not, there are actually some folks on the hard left who think parents shouldn’t even have legal rights to their children. That should be for the state.

This idea might sound like something ripped from the pages of an Orwell novel, but it’s absolutely true. They believe it’s the duty of the state to raise your kids because they can do a better job and want to ensure that future generations of citizens are made docile servants of the government who will support whatever is done without question, no matter how oppressive it is.

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

via Activist Mom:

James Dwyer is a respected law professor, whose teachings have influenced much of the current family court system today. His most common teaching? Parents have no inherent right to make choices for their own children.

Speaking with Michelle Malkin for CRTV, Dwyer told the syndicated columnist:

“That’s the state that empowers parents to do anything with children, to take them home, to have custody, and to make any kind of decisions about that.”

This is hardly taken out of context. If you examine his life’s work, this is the drum he has been beating for years. He is quite opposed to looser regulations surrounding homeschooling, and his soon-to-be-released book, The History and Philosophy of Homeschooling, will explain why he believes the state needs to take more control of homeschooling parents and remove legal parenthood from biological parents.

In his academic article entitled “Parents’ Religion and Children’s Welfare: Debunking the Doctrine of Parents’ Rights“, Dwyer argues for parent’s rights to be abrogated. He writes:

“The scope, weight, and assignment of parental rights have been the focus of much debate among legal commentators. These commentators generally have assumed that parents should have some rights in connection with the raising of their children. Rarely have commentators offered justifications for attributing rights to persons as parents, and when they have done so they have failed to subject those justifications to close scrutiny. This article takes the novel approach of challenging parental rights in their entirety.”

“These findings compel the conclusion that parental child-rearing rights are illegitimate. A better regime would simply grant parents a legal privilege to care for and make decisions on behalf of their children in ways that are not contrary to the children’s temporal interests. Children themselves should possess whatever rights are necessary to protect their fundamental interest in an intimate, continuous relationship with their parents. This includes the right to be insulated from any state interference that is not in the children’s interests.”

Hate to burst Dwyer’s bubble here, but the reality is, both God and nature make it clear that the individual who has the legal authority to make decisions for a child belongs solely to the parent.

Deuteronomy 6 makes this clear when God charges parents with making sure their children are educated. He does not at all give this call to the state, but to the parent, as the parent knows what is best for their individual child.

The fact this guy wants the state to call the shots demonstrates how naive he is or just plain stupid and evil, because any time the government has had this level of authority over children, it’s never turned out well.

Hitler youth ring a bell?

The problem is humanity is fallen and corrupt by nature, with the only hope of being otherwise found in the gospel of Christ. Therefore, sooner or later, the system is bound to become corrupt and when it does, the children will pay the price, enslaved by an oppressive government system. It’s the way things are, like it or not.

Since humanity is fallen, it’s better for there to be limits placed on the authority and power given individuals in government to prevent such a thing from occurring, which was the very purpose of our Constitution.

Socialism has never worked. It will never work. The Department of Education and it’s utter failure to adequately educate our kids is proof enough the system is bunk. So why would you want to expand that system further?

It’s nonsense.

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