This world, as beautiful as it is and as amazing as it can be, still has some rather despicable, twisted, and just plain evil people walking around on it.

These individuals come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and motivations, all being pretty darn deplorable, but nothing is as sickening and disgusting as someone who kidnaps children. This is truly the height of wickedness, an appalling sin that deserves the most serious of punishments.

Children are kidnapped for a number of reasons these days, primary among them is sex trafficking, where kids are essentially taken from their families and sold into slavery, many never recovered or seen again.

Others commit this heinous crime for their own sick, deviant pleasures, or, as in the case of a seven-year-old girl from Worcester, Massachusetts, simply for the thrill of taking a life.

This poor little angel’s nightmare began when she attended a family party at her grandparents’ house where, after some time, she disappeared. The kidnapping took place sometime around 2:30 a.m.

She was snatched away not by a total stranger, some miscreant prowling the streets like some vicious predator looking for easy prey, but by a friend of the family, someone well known and trusted.

Police reported that a man by the name of Joshua Hubert, a 35-year-old, took the little girl from her grandparents’ house, stuffed her in his vehicle, strangled her, then tossed her off a bridge into Lake Quinsigamond.

What was Hubert’s goal in kidnapping the little girl? Was he plotting to hold her hostage in hopes of getting some sort of ransom payment? No. It appears he simply wanted to end the girl’s life, to snuff her light out, all for his own sickening pleasure.

Yet despite his efforts at destroying the life of this child, God had other plans, and these plans could end with him rotting away in prison, right where he deserves to be.

via Liftable:

The child not only dropped 50 feet into the lake, but she survived the fall. After swimming to shore, she ran to the nearest home in Shrewsbury.

A woman answered the door at around 4 a.m., only to find the 7-year-old soaked in her pajamas. Once police got involved, they determined that the child had visible injuries, but none that were fatal.

Later that day, Hubert was charged with kidnapping. He was scheduled for a court appearance the following day but pleaded not-guilty.

As the investigation progresses, Hubert could face additional charges. Facebookers are certainly counting on “attempted murder” to be one of them.

Anyone who has taken a serious glance through the Scriptures knows that Jesus loves children, often speaking with them and blessing them, treating them as anything but a burden. This was highly unusual treatment for the time, as kids were essentially treated worse than second class citizens.

Yes, God loves children and anyone who attempts to harm one can rest assured that judgment is coming their way, and when it arrives it most certainly will not be pretty.

This little girl was blessed by the Lord to be able to survive such a horrific ordeal. Hopefully she will make a full recovery and her family will take the proper steps to ensure she has the kind of medical care — both physical and mental — to deal with the trauma this situation is no doubt going to leave her with.

As for the scumbag who perpetrated this crime, one can only hope that he not only is found guilty, but that the proverbial book is thrown at him in terms of punishment.

There’s not a specific length of time in prison this filth could be given that would be adequate enough, and it’s too bad the death penalty cannot be sought in such a case, because that would likely be the only true measure of justice that could be handed out in this case.

Our nation is one where the law is based on principles found in Scripture, and one such principle is that “man-stealing” or kidnapping is considered by God to be a capital offense, worthy of the harshest of punishments. It’s too bad we’ve drifted far off from the Bible as our guide.

Regardless, let’s hope the justice system does not fail this child and her family and sends this man behind bars for a long, long time.


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