Last year, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided his career was due for a much needed boost, so he opted to do what anyone in the public eye does when they need folks to start paying attention to them.

He adopted a social cause and started doing what many not-so-fondly call “hashtag activism” as a means of looking “woke” and relevant to all the young kids and leftist culture makers.

Kaepernick’s girlfriend was big in the Black Lives Matter movement and hating on police officers was a really hot trend at the moment — still is — so in order to show his solidarity with those brave souls bashing cops every opportunity they got, he decided to take a knee during the National Anthem played at the start of NFL games.

This, of course, is major disrespect to the country, it’s flag, and the people who have served, suffered, and died in order to give him the opportunity to be a spoiled rich athlete who makes millions playing a game, but Kaepernick isn’t one to let gratitude or human decency get in the way of “sticking it to the man.”

This started a trend among NFL players, who, if they were being honest, saw the wave of publicity Kaepernick got and decided to follow suit to get some of that sweet attention for themselves.

Fans were not as supportive as these folks hoped, opting not to tune into games each week, sinking the NFL’s ratings to all-time lows.

You’d think players and officials alike would learn their lesson, right? To leave politics off the field and save it for your personal time.

Nope. Some folks still don’t get it. Like Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters.

via The Wild Card:

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters became the first, and so far only, player in the NFL to sit for the national anthem in the regular season.

Peters, 24, has made two straight Pro Bowls, and was a First Team All-Pro last season.

Peters was the only player to protest the anthem for the NFL’s inaugural regular season tilt. No other Chief, and not a single New England Patriots player, sat or protested the national anthem.

Peters also showed off his cleats prior to the game. They were emblazoned with a message meant to promote social activism.

Of course, the New England Patriots wasted little time in punching Marcus Peters and his defensive unit in the face to start the game.

The Patriots marched down the field before newly acquired running back Mike Gillislee punched in a running touchdown, giving the Pats a 7-0 lead just three minutes into the game.

Peters has absolutely every right to take up whatever social justice cause he wants, to voice his opinion on any subject or issue he wants and to use his platform to spread his message.

However, as a courtesy to the fans and to Americans across the country — especially those in the military — he should leave his activism off the field and show a little respect.

Not only is this simply the right and decent thing to do, it’s also the professional thing to do. Peters represents the NFL as an organization, whether he wants to or not, and his lack of respect for our country reflects poorly on its reputation.

People have to deal with politics just about every waking minute of the day thanks to being saturated and bombarded by news and commentary on social media. It’s become a huge part of our culture now.

Everyone needs a break from the rat race and mudslinging, and sports is a great reprieve. Just a bunch of men — or women — pitting their skills against each other, where color, creed, nor anything else matters.

What these NFL players do when they take a knee is take the one area many folks retreat to in order to get away from it all and make it just another agenda pushing platform.

People tune into the NFL games each week to see football, not to see social justice warriors attempt to politicize their favorite sport.

On top of that, taking a knee is a huge disrespect to veterans who have sacrificed much in order to ensure our way of life is secure from those who wish to do us harm.

They should stop and ask themselves how they would feel if they had given life and limb to protect someone’s rights and freedoms, only to be disrespected in front of millions of people.

It’s time for guys like Peters to stop using social justice as a means of gaining popularity on the football field and just play the game they were hired to play.

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