In a shocking move that has all of Britain up in arms, the disgusting inhuman garbage that comprises the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS, has made a threat against four-year-old Prince George.

This is yet more evidence that these people are total animals who need to be put down, not coddled or negotiated with as liberals seem to suggest.

Terrorists issued the threat to the child over social media, a tool radicals have been using more and more to recruit other weak-minded fools to their cause.

Unless we start taking seriously the threat that radicals and their twisted ideology pose to us, we will never be able to escape the looming danger hanging over our heads.

via Express:

Using the encrypted instant messaging app Telegram the terrorists said: “Even the royal family will not be left alone.”

The brain-washed ISIS followers chilling added a picture of Prince George next to his school, Thomas’s Battersea, in south London, according to the Daily Star Sunday.

There was a national outcry on social media as the news broke of the sick plot. Britons took to twitter to declare their outrage.

One wrote: “There are threats to kill Prince George?! Wtf he’s just a child!!! What is wrong with some people?!”

Another wrote: “Where is the National outrage at the discovery of a plot by ISIS to assassinate Prince George? What the f*** is wrong with this country?”

Milica Delrey said: “I hope Prince George is safe and sound, he is just a little child, damn.”
The vile post also included Arabic words taken from a jihadi song which translates as “when war comes with the melody of bullets, we descend on disbelief, desiring retaliation”.

British intelligence have been heavily monitoring the anonymous messaging service in an effort to stop potential terror attacks in the UK.

Cyber-security experts said it it was critical to keep monitoring the service and warned the Telegram app was a “breeding ground” for terrorists.

Barry Spielman, whose internet surveillance company, Sixgill, has been tracking Telegram channels since the start of the year, said: “Our intelligence suggests that these threats are to be taken seriously.

“Over the last 12 months, we have seen both official and non-official Isis channels move over to Telegram.

Horrible, isn’t it?

Years of inactivity, of not taking the threat of radical Islam seriously during the Obama administration, has left the doors open for groups like ISIS to rise in the vacuum left by Al Qaeda and other groups who took heavy hits from us in the wake of 9/11.

Had action been taken when the group first started popping up, much of the violence that has taken place around the world at the hands of ISIS terrorists could have been avoided. Unfortunately, the liberal agenda, with it’s deep desire to pander to the Muslim population for votes has stifled meaningful dialogue about how to successfully deal with these people and their ideology.

Add to that the fact Britain has had open borders for a long, long time, which has enabled large swaths of refugees and travelers from Muslim countries that house radicals, and you have a recipe for disaster. Terrorists have taken full advantage of the lax immigration laws to gain access to the country and it’s people.

Let’s hope Prince George continues to remain safe from these vile thugs.


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