If you listen to liberals these days, the greatest threat to the safety of our nation is man made climate change, which they claim is an absolute fact, yet much research has shown that contrary to claims, the science is far from settled.

Apparently radical Islamic terror groups like ISIS, which is packed to the gills with people who want to chop off our heads, blow us up, and force us by threat of violence to either pay a tax or convert to their “peaceful” religion, isn’t nearly as bad as polar bears not having their favorite chill pad.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but…no…wait….I’m not at all sorry. Such a belief is so far out in left field that it’s absolutely insane. We don’t need scientific evidence that ISIS is a threat to national security, they’ve demonstrated as much on numerous times.

Remember the shooting in Texas after someone drew a picture of the prophet Mohammed? Or the San Bernardino incident carried out by a Muslim couple?

Just a few days ago, these shining pieces of sweet humanity called for attacks against relief centers in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

And yet, the left wants to pander to these people like there’s no tomorrow. It just doesn’t make sense.

Now the Islamic State is threatening to poison food in grocery stores in hopes of creating a global jihad and ushering in the end of the world. No joke, that’s actually what these people believe.

via Newsweek:

“In the third part of an English-language series promoting lone-wolf jihad in Western countries, potential attackers are advised to inject food for sale in markets with cyanide poison,” U.S.-based jihadi monitoring group SITE Intelligence reported.

A graphic posted by the ISIS supporters in the Furat Wilayah channel on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, a platform popular with jihadists because of its secrecy and lack of takedowns compared to other platforms such as Twitter, read: “First method: poison.”

The potential use of poison is one that has been publicized by the group’s supporters for several years, but never used. Jihadists published a guide that directed “six ways to kill the Jews” in October 2015, the methods given were to “stab him, burn him, poison him.” They have also distributed a guide on how to poison food eaten by “crusaders.” Pro-ISIS groups have also published handbooks on how to make homemade poison.

Even though it has yet to be used, one U.S. case points to a jihadist attempting to follow the orders of the group and its followers. Police charged Amer Sinan Alhaggagi, a 22-year-old man from San Francisco, who spent time in Yemen. He is alleged to have tried to support ISIS, but also to “redefine terror” in the Bay Area.

In his December 2016 court hearing, details emerged that he had discussed lacing drugs with rat poison and distributing them in nightclubs across the Bay Area. He had sought information from an undercover agent about mixing highly-toxic pesticide strychnine and cocaine, according to ABC.

This, folks, is a prime example of why you cannot treat radical jihadists with kid gloves, as though acts of random kindness will melt their stony hearts and make them no longer want to murder us.

Their war is motivated by religious belief. It’s in their own writings. ISIS wants to bring about the end of the world and they firmly believe picking a fight with America and other western countries will launch their version of Armageddon and usher in the end times.

Whether liberals like to acknowledge the truth or not, the only solution to radical Islam is bullets and bombs. Violence is the only language they understand. It’s terrible, but that’s the reality of the situation.

Now, that’s not to say that all Muslims are terrorists, because that’s not true. A good majority of Muslims, especially here in America are folks in desperate need of the gospel of Christ, just like anyone else.

However, groups like ISIS must be dismantled, destroyed, so utterly crushed that new recruits are reluctant to take up the mantle and mission of their predecessors.

Along with this, we need to acknowledge that the problem is largely due to their ideology and we need to combat their recruitment and propaganda with the facts, exposing these groups to the masses for what they really are.

If we are unwilling to go toe-to-toe with these monsters, they’re only going to grow bolder in their assault on the Western way of life.

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