Our nation is more divided today than it probably has been in decades, maybe even since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, and much of the hatred and vitriol is due in large part to fringe groups on both the left and right.

But let’s be honest, much of the action taken by these groups has been motivated by left-wing propaganda, narrative pushing designed to create a divide, make a problem where one didn’t exist, and then exploit the marginalized group for votes.

This has been the strategy of the Democratic Party for many, many years. They’ve just managed to push things to new levels of insanity with the current political correctness trend that has been rotting the foundation of our country for the last couple of years.

Radical black activists involved in the Black Lives Matter movement have looted, rioted, and killed innocent people, further driving the wedge between Americans.

Then you have the violence that erupted several weeks ago in Charlottesville when white nationalists and radical left-wing Antifa activists got violent with each other over the removal of Confederate monuments.

Yes, this is a problem on both sides of the aisle right now and it looks like things are going to be tense for quite some time.

A group of high school students from Creston, Iowa have been disciplined by school officials after dressing up in KKK garb in a photo that went viral.

The group were wearing the white robes, hoods, and waving a Confederate flag while standing next to a burning cross.

via Yahoo News:

Among the five students seen in the photo, at least one of them appeared to be armed with a rifle. Principal Bill Messerole of Creston Community High School confirmed all the students in the photo were disciplined after the school learned about the photo early Wednesday morning.

International Business Times could not find the post where the students would have shared the photo. However, media outlets and social media users have shared the screenshot of the image.

Messerole said the photo was not taken on school grounds. The names of the students in the photo have not been released yet and the school also refused to comment on what punishment the students received, citing the school’s confidentiality policy, according to San Francisco Chronicle.

Messerole mentioned the school authorities met with the students involved in the incident, however, he declined to comment further. He also refused to comment on whether he had spoken to the students’ parents or guardians. “I’m new to this,” he said when asked for more information. “I haven’t had any situations like this before.”

“Our investigation is ongoing,” the principal mentioned. “I would say that picture does not reflect the values of Creston High School, our school district or our community whatsoever. We are proud of how our students and staff conducted themselves today after the picture became public. It is of the utmost importance that our students feel safe and welcomed in our district,” NBC affiliate WHO TV reported.

Social media users reacted to the photo saying that it conveyed a message of hate.

Creston Police Chief Paul Ver Meer told the Omaha World-Herald his department was made aware of the controversial photo, however, they have not been a part of the investigation. Speaking for the department, Union County Sheriff Rick Piel told the Associated Press over the phone that there was nothing for the law enforcement agency to investigate into the matter.

The question that needs to be answered here is what exactly the motivation was for this horrible act. Were they wrongly believing they were standing up for free speech? Do they really hate people of different races?

Granted, even if it was just a stunt to promote free speech, it was ill thought out and is something these kids should have never done. Ever. For any reason.

The KKK and groups like it — not just white groups, but all racist organizations of every flavor — represent the worst humanity has to offer, a perfect and shining example of the fallen nature of man and our inherent need for salvation through the gospel of Christ.

Conservatives particularly need to make sure to condemn such groups because these twisted individuals threaten to corrupt our movement and message, and if we’re being consistent in the application of the principles we claim to believe in, there’s simply no room for racial hatred.

Our founding documents make it clear that all human beings deserve freedom and liberty, a chance to pursue happiness and enjoy equal opportunities. We are all image bearers of God and have value.

Parents need to be working hard to instill these values and beliefs into future generations, not the hate being instilled in them by left-wing zealots in the education department.

It’s also important to note that much of the racism our country has experienced was birthed by the radical left and the Democratic Party, practices they continue, under the radar, to this very day.

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