One of the biggest issues we face in our country is our desperate need of an overhaul of the health care system.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree on this, however each side has drastically different solutions, with the left wanting a single-payer system run by the government.

Naturally, this is appalling to conservatives and anyone with a drop of understanding when it comes to human nature, who knows the ethical and economic disaster that awaits when such a system is implemented.

We’ve already had a taste of it with Obamacare, what with skyrocketing premiums, people losing insurance, and businesses downsizing as soon as it took effect.

Well, Canada, a country many progressives look to as an example of how awesome socialized medicine is, is now providing even more proof of why single-payer systems are nothing but a nightmare.

Via TheBlaze:

Canadian doctor Joy Hataley, a family practice anesthetist in Kingston, Ontario, told CTV News she was “shocked” after trying to refer one of her patients to a neurologist at Kingston General Hospital and was told in a letter the wait time for new patients is 4.5 years.
The outlet said that while Hataley was used to long wait times — particularly from specialists — she called the 4.5-year delay “insane.”

“Initially I was just a bit stunned,” she told CTV News Toronto on Friday. “I actually thought I misread it.”

“I put my reading glasses on — because I am that age — to check if it was a 1.5,” Hataley added. “I couldn’t fathom it was a 7.5. I walked to a physician’s room nearby me just to verify that I was actually reading 4.5.”

She said such a wait time deems the referral moot: “Who knows what happens in 4.5 years?” Hataley noted to CTV News Toronto. “Will we even remember that we had a consult? Will we still be on the list?”

Hataley posted an image of the letter to Twitter and asked Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins and Kingston MPP Sophie Kiwala for an explanation:

Dr. Shawn Whatley, president of the Ontario Medical Association, told CTV News the wait times are “atrocious.”

Wealthier patients at least can travel to get care faster, he told the outlet, which creates “a massive two-tiered system.”

“We’ve known about it for 15 years where people with means can get procedures and test more quickly,” Whatley added to CTV News.

A 2016 Commonwealth Fund survey focusing on 11 developed countries found 56 per cent of Canadians waited more than four weeks to see a medical specialist compared to about 36 percent, which is the international average, the outlet reported.

Yeah, I think a wait time of 4.5 years is well beyond atrocious. This sort of wait time is unacceptable. No human being should be forced to suffer, or heaven forbid, die, while waiting to be treated.

This is what happens when government controls things. Why would you want the same people responsible for the nightmare that is the DMV to run health care?

Do these people have a death wish?

The only real solution to this problem is the free market and more competition. That’s right kids. Capitalism.


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