It’s safe to say that there’s not been a more polarizing and controversial political figure in recent times than current President Donald Trump.

Not even former President Barack Obama, as much as he violated the law, the Constitution, and basically every principle of a free society in existence, has managed to stir up such passionate disagreement among the American people.

And that’s really saying something.

Granted, much of the “controversy” surrounding Trump is drummed up by the media, but nonetheless, he really knows how to keep his name at the forefront of people’s minds.

Ever since he threw his hat in the ring for the presidency and took a hardline stance on the immigration issue, he has had a target on his back, and celebrities, politicians, athletes, and liberals of all walks of life have been gleefully taking shots at him.

Well, there’s a new group joining the “It’s cool to hate The Donald” bandwagon and this is by far the most bizarre of the bunch.

Apparently a group of Wiccan witches have set their sights on the president, looking to cast a spell on him.

There’s never a shortage of nuttiness from these people, is there?

This all came about due to a report about Wiccans in New York State hitting the Internet.

I’m not sure what to call this group, but I’m assuming the word “coven” is suitable. Anyhow, the “coven” in question decided to open up their doors to the outside and give folks a glimpse into the world of witchcraft by inviting a TV reporter from News 12 Winchester into their fold.

Most of the women who make up the group are old enough to be grandmothers — a sad state of affairs in and of itself — and have declared the purpose of their group is to “rehabilitate” the image of witches in pop culture, to convince the world that they aren’t satanic spellcasters who sacrifice animals and drink blood.

But don’t you worry, they likely support the sacrifice of human children on the altar of abortion, you know, for the sake of reproductive rights. They aren’t savages, you know.

The group of New-Agers claim that nearly 20 percent of the one million witches that live in America call the Hudson Valley area they reside in their home. Kind of a scary thought that there are one million people walking around believing they are witches, oblivious to the fact they are messing with things that offend a holy, righteous God.

But, again, according to these witches, they are good folk who just happen to focus on nature.

“You start honoring Nature,” one of the Wiccans said during the report. “You start having a connection with the sky.”

Connection with the sky? I wonder if there is substance use going down at some of the meetings these folks have with one another? Would someone in their right mind actually believe something like this? And yet Christians are the crazy ones.

This particular group didn’t take the time to fill us in on their political beliefs, another bunch of witches did.

via Vox:

This Wednesday at midnight, by the light of the waning moon, Kate Doucette joined several thousand strangers on the internet in casting a spell to “bind” Donald Trump.

Doucette — which is her married name, not her legal name — is one of the “resistance witches,” an at least 13,000-strong umbrella group of internet neo-pagans, Wiccans, solo practitioners who self-identify as “hedge witches,” longtime magical practitioners in various traditions, and committed activists. They’ve come together each month since Trump’s inauguration with one goal: to perform a spell — equal parts quasi-religious ritual and activist performance — to “bind” the president, forming a collective known as the #MagicResistance.

The spell, a variant on a traditional “binding” spell found in many contemporary neo-pagan and other occult practices, involves channeling energy to limit Trump’s power, “so that he may fail utterly/that he may do no harm.” (Practitioners have the option to add, “You’re fired.”)

Some members, like Doucette, cast the spell alone at home, communicating with fellow activists by Facebook Messenger around each monthly ritual, which is timed to coincide with the waning moon, and exchanging photographs of home altars. Others like Magic Resistance NYC’s moderator, known as Katherine Gojira, practice right in front of their stated enemy: casting the binding spell in front of Trump Tower.

This country is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions if we do not stop the wickedness and return to the God who blessed us with a free country founded on the principles contained in His word.

Once the snowball of immorality starts, it seems like it’s impossible to stop. It started with the sexual revolution in the 1960s, which led to promiscuity, an uptick in divorce, and a dramatic increase in abortion. Then that led into the gay pride movement, which led to same-sex marriage, to the transgender bathroom-pronoun ordeal, and now the attempt by the left to normalize pedophilia.

All of that was bad enough, but now we have the media covering Wiccan witch groups who claim to be dabbling in real magic and placing curses on people for their political beliefs.

And we wonder what’s wrong with America today?

Our Founding Fathers made it abundantly clear in their own writings. If we as a nation ever abandon God, if we stop being a morally upright people who as a culture seek to please the Lord, we will lose our freedom.

Is that not what is happening in our nation right now? Scary, isn’t it?

Sure, there maybe no power inherent in a witch’s spell, but the religious beliefs being held to by Wiccans are guaranteed to lead this person far from Jesus, far from salvation, and onto a path of destruction.


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