Sen. Rand Paul was brutally attacked last Friday by a hostile neighbor who, it seems, has a reputation for arguing with his neighbors, particularly over politics.

Paul was outside, mowing his lawn, when Rene Boucher approached him and a confrontation ensued shortly after. Things turned violent and the Kentucky senator was left with multiple broken ribs and other injuries.

Well, it turns out, Mr. Boucher is a pretty passionate socialist.

via Daily Caller:

The man responsible for attacking Sen. Rand Paul Friday afternoon was an avowed liberal who frequently fought with his neighbors about politics, according to a report Sunday from The Washington Post.

Local citizens say Rene Boucher, the 59-year-old man who assaulted Paul, was a socialist who frequently fought with neighbors about health care policies and other liberal issues. Boucher and Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, are on the opposite end of the political spectrum, they told reporters.

Jeff Jones, a registered nurse who worked with Boucher at the Bowling Green Medical Center, described Paul’s attacker’s politics as “liberal.”

“He was active on social media and said some negative things about the Republican agenda,” Jones said of Boucher, a Bowling Green, Ky., citizen who lives in the same gated community as Paul. “I think it was unfortunate that they lived so close together.”

Boucher is a divorced socialist who is “pretty much the opposite of Rand Paul in every way,” Jim Bullington, a former member of the city commission who knows both men well, told reporters Sunday.

A Facebook account Boucher maintained before the attack contains numerous anti-Republican postings.

Boucher wrote “May Robert Mueller fry Trump’s gonads” in a May post referencing the former FBI director’s investigation into possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian government.

Yet another example of how unhinged the radical left can really be, something that seems to be a growing trend as of late.

We’ve had violent protests from Antifa, a politically motivated shooting targeting members of the GOP, this attack on Rand Paul, and then a church shooting by an atheist.

What happened to tolerance and debate, discussing the issues with each other?

This world is in desperate need of Jesus and a little more patience.


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