In case you haven’t been convinced already that the Department of Education, which more or less oversees the country’s public school system wasn’t corrupt to the core and seeking to indoctrinate your children with leftist ideology, what this one teacher did with her students should help you get there.

Apparently, a public school teacher from California — big shock there — was busted last week at the University of California, Berkeley, for suspicion of battery and resisting arrest, and has apparently been attempting to sabotage her life and career for some time by putting together a list of offenses so long and egregious it should result in her termination.

One of those offenses includes taking children she was in charge of teaching to Antifa protests. You know, those gatherings of extreme leftist thought that somehow always end up turning violent?

She actually brought other people’s kids to a place where it is almost a guarantee violence will break out, and what’s worse, she lied about it.

via TheBlaze:

Court documents show that the California public school teacher arrested last week at the University of California, Berkeley, on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest has since 2009 racked up a list of fire-worthy offenses, including recruiting students to participate in protests facilitated by the militant left-wing group, By Any Means Necessary, and transporting students to protests without permission in her personal vehicle.

Yvette Felarca (cited in some court documents as “Yvonne”), a Berkeley Unified School District middle school teacher, was arrested Sept. 26 during a Free Speech Week protest on campus that turned violent.

Felarca is already under indictment for “assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot, and inciting a riot” when she was caught on video punching a man in the stomach and screaming, “Get the f*** off our streets!” during a June 2016 white supremacist protest in Sacramento. Felarca later stated her actions were “not a crime.”

Felarca is an outspoken leader of BAMN, an arm of the violent, self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” group Antifa. Felarca was placed on paid administrative leave in September 2016 while BUSD investigated “concerns [Felarca] may have engaged in inappropriate conduct,” a case document shows. The letter informing Felarca of her administrative leave says the leave “[was] not intended to be disciplinary.”

Following Felarca’s arrest last week, TheBlaze reported, “The Berkeley Unified School District told Berkeleyside regarding Felarca that it’s ‘monitoring developments in this case. Should an occasion arise for the District to take action, we will respond in an appropriate manner, in keeping with federal law, the California Education Code and the BUSD collective bargaining agreement with our teachers.’”

“Exhibit A” states Felarca “repeatedly solicited students to participate in protests against the proposed charter school in the District” and was issued a formal reprimand for her “improper involvement of children in this matter.” In 2011, the notice says, Felarca promised parents and students a trip to a rally at UC-Berkeley before obtaining permission from the principal to take them. The principal ultimately denied Felarca permission, because “it was an opportunity for [Felarca] to indoctrinate students and use them to support [her] own political agenda.” Felarca acted “unprofessionally toward [the principal] when she denied [her] permission.”

If transgender bathrooms, “transition parties,” sex education in kindergarten, and lessons on the normalcy of homosexuality wasn’t quite enough to convince you that homeschooling is a much better option, I’m afraid to ask what would.

Regardless, at this point it’s become obvious that we need to get rid of the Department of Education and privatize it so that control over what children are taught remains firmly in the hands of the parents and local community, which is the way it always should have been.

Otherwise, stuff like this going to become common place.


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