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Identity Politics. The idea that people from certain groups should all subscribe to similar beliefs. Why should a random aspect of who we are decide how we side politically? Why do people who belong to the same group necessarily have the same concerns?

Whether it be gender, race, sexuality, ability, the Left seems to think these should be deciding factors to an individual’s politics. Radicals on both sides of the aisle, engage in identity politics. This cannot be denied. Both the alt-left and alt-right force people to identify with some of their groups before allowing them to engage in their movements. The horrifying part is the mainstream nature of identity politics on the Left.

Just look back at the election of 2008. It seemed like all the focus was on the race of the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama. Disagreeing with Obama’s policy and thus not wanting to vote for him got you labeled a racist. This seemed to especially hold true for black individuals who criticized him as Republicans. They received labels like Uncle Tom and still receive them to this day. Uncle Tom is a term meaning a person who is accepting their subservience to white individuals and in a way, betraying their own race. So merely holding beliefs opposing someone who has the same skin color as you, automatically means you wish to harm these individuals.

Identity politics were once again seen with the election of 2016. All people ever heard about was Hillary Clinton being a woman and somehow the only reason to not vote for her is your underlying sexism. It did not have nothing to do with her criminal history, am I right?

Identity politics ignores the unique nuanced nature of every individual and instead pushes these individuals in to boxes over things they cannot control.


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