Throughout the history of the Christian church, there seems to come this ebb and flow of moral compromise that at times threatens to undermine the totality of the work of Christ and the spread of His gospel throughout the world.

However, God cannot be defeated and any efforts by His enemies to thwart His plans are often flipped around and used as means to bring Him glory and reach more people with the message of salvation.

It seems we are living in one of those periods where many who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ are yet again falling for lies and deception from the Enemy working through various means in our culture to compromise the truth and by so doing, damage the salt and savor of the church’s testimony to the world.

Instead of debating the deity of Christ or what books belong in the canon of Scripture like the early church did, we are now being torn apart by something so elementary and clearly spelled out in the Word of God it’s almost insulting to one’s intelligence to have to engage in discussion on the topic.

I’m speaking of homosexuality, of course.

A statement was recently written up and signed by 150 evangelical leaders that spelled out in no uncertain terms that the biblical stance on marriage is that it is a covenant relationship that is between one man and one woman only, which is quite contrary to the views pushed by the morally bankrupt culture we find ourselves steeped in.

As one might expect, there was no shortage of backlash from the godless folk on the left who fired the same old shots and criticisms toward individuals of faith, dropping tired old bombs like “bigot” and “hate” and on the list goes. This, of course, was to be expected.

What wasn’t quite expected, though not entirely shocking, was the amount of criticism and backlash that gushed forth from hundreds of Christian pastors, writers, theologians, and others.

A group of these individuals banded together and crafted a statement of their own called “Christians United,” and what they had to say on the topic is all the evidence you need to know the majority church in America has abandoned the truth.

via FaithFamilyAmerica.Com:

In a counter-statement called “Christians United,” over 1,000 religious leaders, pastors, writers, theologians, educators, and activists from most major Christian denominations in America claimed that counter-cultural gender identities and sexualities “reflect the magnitude of God’s creative work,” according to the Huffington Post.

Christians United strongly condemned the “Nashville Statement” written days earlier by a coalition of 150 evangelical leaders, which doubled down on the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. The Nashville Statement also reaffirms that God created two distinct sexes, and that sex outside of heterosexual marriage is sinful.

Among the men who signed the pro-LGBTQ Christians United statement was Brandan Robertson, a pastor and gay activist. According to Robertson, it is time that Christians hear from a different moral authority on queer identity.

“Conservative evangelicals often get the most air time, polluting the image of Christianity as one that is exclusive, condemning, and archaic,” Robertson told the Huffington Post. “The reality is that there is a rapidly growing wave of Christians around the world that embrace an inclusive, unifying, healing message, and that’s what I had hoped to portray in this statement.”

Wait. Did Robertson just say that conservative evangelicals get the most air time? Is this guy being for real? I’m getting the distinct feeling he must be from some sort of alternate reality because in the America where I live, conservative Christians get shut down and ridiculed almost nonstop.

I’m not quite sure where this fellow gets his information from, but I’d suggest he do some due diligence and recheck a few things.

The kind of stuff these so-called “church leaders” are putting out in this document is a gross distortion of God’s Word, an abandonment of the truth and gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and that my friends, is dangerous territory to tread.

God makes it clear in many locations throughout the Bible that homosexuality is a sin and that mankind has no right to add to or take away from His Word.

The individuals who signed this counter document affirming homosexuality as a biblically permissible activity will stand before God and be held to account by our Creator and judged for their apostasy.

These folks are leading others astray, away from Christ, compounding the evil of their compromise and setting others up for destruction and misery for eternity.

What we think and believe shapes how we live, therefore, if we believe wrong things, we’ll live in ways that do not honor and glorify the God of all creation. To not give Him the honor He is due is cosmic treason of the highest order.

If we as individuals claim to follow Jesus Christ, our lifestyles ought to match our professions, otherwise we should question whether or not we actually believe the gospel.

If these pastors, writers, and theologians do not repent of their apostasy, they prove themselves to be antichrists and not fellow brothers and sisters in the faith, a serious charge with serious consequences.

Let’s pray they have a change of heart.

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