Actor Wil Wheaton, most famous for his role as Wesley from Star Trek: The Next Generation, joined the chorus of Hollywood progressives yesterday by calling for gun control after a mass shooting inside a Texas church.

However, rather than the usual rallying cry of demanding legislators do something, anything, to violate the Second Amendment and restrict guns, he decided to trash people for praying for the victims.

Over 20 people died in the shooting, which was thankfully stopped due to a neighbor with a gun who shot at the suspect and chased him in his car. The man responsible later died.

Here’s what he said via TheBlaze:

Actor Wil Wheaton faced a tremendous amount of backlash Sunday after he shared an angry tweet suggesting that prayers for Texas are worthless.

Wheaton shared the inflammatory tweet just hours after the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, which took the lives of more than two dozen people and injured approximately 20 more.

Within hours of the shooting, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) shared a tweet about the massacre, which read, “Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now.”

Wheaton, in response, wrote, “The murdered victims were in a church. If prayers did anything, they’d still be alive, you worthless sack of s**t.”

Wheaton’s tweet received more than 5,000 comments, many of them shocked that the actor would diminish positive sentiments like prayers in the wake of such a tragedy.

One user wrote, “That’s not how prayers work @wilw. I suggest you check that attitude. We’re all frustrated. Religious intolerance won’t solve this.”

Another user added, “One thing to attack a politician, it’s another to attack the innocent dead and all religion. Looks like you’re the worthless sack of s**t.”

How did Wheaton respond to the backlash?

“I’m not talking about religion or faith at all. I am talking about the speaker of the house who does nothing to address gun violence,” Wheaton wrote after the outcry.

“Hey, real and actual people of faith: I hear you. I apologise for insulting you, in my rage at Paul Ryan’s refusal to address gun violence,” and later added, “Your faith is your business, and people like Paul Ryan exploit it while they hide behind words without deeds, and people continue to die.”

Well, to be fair, it was a fellow atheist who likely purposefully targeted people of faith because he had the same attitude toward prayer as Mr. Wheaton.

Secondly, how would more gun control possibly have stopped this insanity? The man responsible for this was already banned from purchasing firearms. No gun laws would’ve prevented this horrific incident.

Third, prayer is a powerful weapon against the pain and suffering we all experience and the evil we face in this world. What could be more loving than offering to go boldly before the throne of God and petition Him on behalf of others?

The correct answer is nothing.

While action must certainly be taken — like making sure citizens have liberty to defend themselves — that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t pray for people.

It’s both/and, not either/or.

Too bad Wheaton hasn’t learned this lesson yet.


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