Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton still doesn’t seem to get why she lost the election last year, refusing to believe it had anything to do with her lack of character, scandals and corruption, or the fact that she’s out of touch with the American people.

No, according to Hillary, the reason she lost the election, the reason people criticize her and attempt to hold her accountable for her actions has nothing to do with a desire to do the right thing, to make sure all people are equal under the law.

Nope. She lost the election because she’s a woman and everyone in America is sexist. No, really. That’s why she thinks people don’t like her.

Clinton never takes responsibility for what happened in Benghazi, even though we all know she lied to cover it up in order to help the president in an election year. She refuses to admit any wrong doing despite the mountains of evidence against her in the recent email scandal.

She has complained about how financially strapped her and former President Bill Clinton were when they first left the White House, despite the fact they had millions of dollars, thus putting them out of touch with the average American who lives paycheck-to-paycheck.

But yeah, she lost because she was a woman. Right.

Oh and I almost forgot. She was down with the Democratic National Committee to cheat Sen. Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, something that ticked off a lot of liberals.

Anyway, in case Hillary needed more proof that she’s one of the most hated political figures of our time, retailers who are selling her book have already slashed the price of the tome — which is all about her election loss and why it happened — before it’s even hit shelves.

via Daily Wire:

The tome, where Clinton shakes her Magic 8-Ball repeatedly to reveal exactly what caused her to lose the November presidential election (because, of course, it couldn’t have been her), hits stores on Tuesday, and several major booksellers have slashed prices by more than 40%.

Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Barnes & Noble online list the book’s hardcover edition for $17.99, a steep discount from the cover price of $30.

That’s definitely helping the book climb the bestseller charts; What Happened is already the #6 bestseller on Amazon and, as of Tuesday morning, is just shy of clearing the top ten on Wal-Mart.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble both regularly discount new releases that they believe will be big sellers, but it’s almost certain that publisher Simon & Schuster is in on the plan. After paying Clinton a reported $18 million (or more) for her thoughts on the presidential election (as well as a re-issue of her 1995 book, It Takes a Village, and a forthcoming compilation of the failed Democratic candidate’s favorite quotes), the publisher wants to make sure Clinton cracks into The New York Times bestseller list.

The overall strategy is simple. The publisher and the retailers know that Clinton’s books don’t sell all that well, so they decrease the cost in order to entice people to buy it, boosting it’s appearance on the NYT Bestseller list, hoping that will encourage more folks to buy the book so they aren’t stuck with leftover copies they can’t move.

It has nothing to do with this being a quality piece of writing, because, well, you can almost guarantee that it’s just a hunk of garbage more suited to be fire kindling than part of a robust library.

Hillary’s book Hard Choices did pretty decent its first week of release, but then sales took a nose dive of 43.5 percent the following week. The book she wrote with her vice presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, did even worse, only selling 3,000 copies on initial release.

I wonder if, when the book does poorly, she’ll find a way to blame Trump and the Russians? Even though such a suggestion sounds wacky, the left has been on a tear lately, attempting to blame the president for everything, including hurricanes.

If Hillary really wants to make a buck and stay relevant to the American people, she should consider ending her avoidance of taking personal responsibility for her scandals and move back to the center so she has mass appeal among average voters.

Of course, the only thing she really cares about is finding a way to tie her loss into some social justice cause — like sexism — and monetizing it put a little bank in her pocket.

Guess she’ll never learn.

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