Since Hillary Clinton failed in spectacularly epic fashion in last year’s presidential election, she’s been doing a lot of soul searching it seems — however, it doesn’t appear she’s found her’s yet, so she should probably keep looking. Then again, it’s hard to find what you never had — trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.

It seems Clinton is considering molding young minds, heaven help us, by taking a position as a professor at Columbia University.

Welp, hope they’re prepared to see a massive drop in enrollment if this happens.

via The Free Beacon:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in talks with Columbia University to take on a formal role at the school.

Multiple sources on Thursday told the New York Daily News that Clinton, a two-time failed presidential candidate, is also talking with Columbia about housing her archives at the Ivy League institution, the New York Daily News reported.

The former law professor may take on the role of “University Professor,” which would allow Clinton to lecture in multiple schools and departments without the requirement of a strict course load, a source told the Daily News.

With this vague title, Clinton could potentially decide at a later date that she wants to settle in at Columbia’s law school or the School of International and Public Affairs.

“It’s all fluid. It could be a number of things,” a source said. “No decisions have been made, but there are talks. She’s trying to figure out what she wants to do.”

The timetable of when Clinton will make a decision on whether to take a role at Columbia is unclear, but a source familiar with Clinton’s thinking suggested it would be sooner rather than later.

There are a lot of scary things in the world, like waiting in line at the DMV or finding out your dentist is a Democrat moments before he’s due to give you a root canal, but even those, as terrifying as they are, pale in comparison to the concept of Hillary Clinton teaching college kids.

Someone with a reputation for corruption that goes as deep as Hillary’s should never be allowed to influence young minds. Just imagine her in a classroom setting, transforming kids into miniature versions of herself. It’s horrifying.

The best thing Hillary can do for the future of mankind is call it a day and just quit the public sphere. Retire. Go live on a beach somewhere. Please. We’re begging you.

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