There’s little doubt in my mind that the overwhelming majority of Americans in this country, especially patriotic football fans, are sick and tired of seeing spoiled, rich athletes disrespect the country, their fellow Americans, and the veterans who died defending the freedom they enjoy on a weekly basis.

This is why many folks have opted to boycott the NFL, shutting off the TV on Sunday afternoons, finding alternative ways to spend their time and money. No doubt this is hurting the bottom line for the league, whether they will acknowledge that publicly or not.

You can’t have massive dips in viewership without investors and advertisers, the two main ways the NFL makes money aside from merchandise sales, getting real, real nervous.

However, something sad I’ve seen happening lately is many individuals are swearing off sports altogether, but this need not be the case. The professional, paid athletes might have lost their way in droves, but there are still many in the game who play simply because they love the sport. These individuals refuse to put politics above the game and the fans that make it all possible.

In fact, a high school football team from West Milton, Ohio — not too far away from my own home town — are showing the boys in the big leagues how an American is supposed to treat the flag. Check out the following image pulled from Facebook:

Here’s a few more details about the Bulldogs to give you an idea of where these awesome young men stand on the issue of patriotism on the field.

via Dayton Daily News:

The football teams from Milton-Union and Northridge high schools were united in honoring the U.S. spirit of response to 9/11. The teams aligned together for the playing of the national anthem and Taps prior to last Friday’s game at West Milton. Milton-Union won the Week 4 Southwestern Buckeye League contest, 69-35.

The Bulldogs won their second straight game behind the running of Zac Shields (13 carries, 204 yards, four TDs), Robbie Grove (11-181; 1 TD) and Connor Gostomsky (11-118; 2 TDs).

Twon Hines of Northridge had a game-high 215 yards rushing and three touchdowns. Polar Bears QB Mason Hardin completed 13 of 18 passes for 214 yards and one TD.

To see some more awesome photos of this team showing their pride in their country, be sure to visit the quoted story above. This, folks, is how you act at a football game.

How sad is it that a bunch of high school kids have more maturity than men who are grown adults?

Keep up the good work, Bulldogs!

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