The term “racist” has well and truly lost it’s sting and meaning these days thanks to overzealous liberals tossing the label around willy-nilly.

This, of course, makes it rather difficult to identify true racism and combat it, but hey, the bleeding hearts always need some kind of cause to fight for, right?

Anyway, liberals are once again screaming “racist” at the top of their crybaby lungs, this time claiming a billboard in New Jersey that was put up by a gun range is bad news because it slams the NFL national anthem protests.

From The Daily Wire:

A pro-military billboard put up by a gun range in southern New Jersey has been declared “racist” by several activists, including the local chapter of the NAACP and a progressive feminist group, because it takes a shot at the national anthem protests. Despite mounting pressure, the gun range has stood by their message, saying it has “nothing to do with race” and everything to do with expressing “support for our veterans.”

The billboard promoting the South Jersey Shooting Club features a silhouette of a soldier with his rifle drawn while kneeling. The caption reads, “The only time we take a knee…”

n response, MoNeke Ragsdale posted an image of the billboard with a message urging others to call the gun range and demand that the billboard be taken down:

Please call!

This billboard on Rt. 73 in Voorhees. Tell them this billboard is racist. Taking a knee is a protest to say NO to police brutality. The women of SJWPC are taking a knee to support black and brown people. Take it down! The Manager is Carmen Console: 609-704-9500.

“It has absolutely nothing to do with race,” said owner Wesley Aducat. “It’s just support for our veterans.”

Yeah, there doesn’t appear to be a single thing whatsoever that’s racist about this billboard. Clearly they have a soft spot for veterans, as they should, you know, considering how much they’ve done for our country.

This is a statement that despite what the whiners in the NFL are doing, there are still many Americans who are supportive of our troops, our flag, and our freedom.

It’s time for the left to grow up, to stop looking for racism under every stone, searching desperately for some cause to stand behind, even going so far as to create some where none exists.

While they may think they’re being helpful, they’re actually just causing far more division and hurt.


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