Rebellion seems to be the language of the day, as more and more people — young folk in particular — continue to reject authority and societal norms for the sake of “doing it their way,” oblivious to the damage they do to themselves and our culture in the process.

Much of the anti-authoritarianism we see these days isn’t so much aimed at the government — kids seem to be all about government interference, having been brainwashed by liberal educators to believe the state is their third parent — as it is aimed at conventional mores like dressing and acting like your biological gender.

That, however, is a topic for another time.

Instead, we’re going to talk about an expression of rebellion in the form of boys bucking their school’s dress code for girls as an act of protest.

Schools have these dress codes for a reason, most often to keep kids from getting discouraged by outrageous forms of expression that distract students from their studies in the classroom.

According to Yahoo News, On August 14, students returned to San Benito High School in Hollister, Calif., for the new school year.

But many female students in the approximately 3,000-member student body said they were met with a surprise when they found themselves being cited for dress code violations for wearing off-the-shoulder shirts — something that’s been technically banned by the school’s dress code policy for years, but that they claim was only enforced beginning Monday.

As a result, many students decided to protest the enforcement of the no-off-the-shoulder-shirt rule by wearing exactly that — including several male students wishing to express solidarity with their female peers.

“The dress code policy hasn’t been an issue the past two years I have been here,” one female student — who asked not to be named per her parents’ request — tells Yahoo Style by direct message on Twitter. The student, who is 16 and a junior, shares that last year, she would regularly wear off-the-shoulder shirts “and it was okay and it would be the same with a lot of the other girls.”

“Off-the-shoulder is a very big trend in the fashion industry right now,” she adds. “It’s not harming anyone physically….I think it is ridiculous how we have to fight against [the administration] to wear a shirt that is not harming anyone.”

San Benito High School principal Adrian Ramirez spoke out saying that many students had heard the reason for the rule was to prevent boys from being distracted in class, and therefore became offended that they might have to cover up, but this wasn’t the case.

I’m sorry to inform these young ladies, but yes, exposing most of your top half is most definitely a distraction, especially for teenage boys who have raging hormones to begin with. Men were created to be visual creatures. When a young lady wears something provocative, her opinion as to whether it is enticing or not is irrelevant. Is it enticing to others around them? That’s the question to ask.

More than likely it is, at least a little. Even if it isn’t, there are other factors to consider, the first being that the school has rules and those rules are to be followed whether the students like them or not.

If there is a problem with the rule, perhaps the right course of action would be to abide by the policy and work toward starting a dialogue with administrators and see about changing the rule. If the administrators refuse, then students must submit and trust the judgment of the administrators to do what is best for them at this particular institution.

Or they can ask their parents to send them to a different school. That’s always a viable option as well.

Many school leaders would be happy to listen to students give a well reasoned argument for why a certain policy should be changed, and more than likely, barring something too out there — although schools these days are letting boys in the girl’s locker room so who knows where that line is — they might actually effect some real change.

This would be an excellent exercise in voicing grievances, one of the most important rights we have as American citizens, providing a little civic education while at the same time helping kids to respect authority.

The other half of the coin in this case is modesty. I know, I know, I’m just another old geezer — I’m only in my thirties, but the clock is ticking — who wants to ruin all the fun the youngsters are having these days.

Next thing you know, I’ll be sitting on my porch with a cane and a fedora yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

Modesty is important because God commands it, and yes, whether you believe in Him or not, all human beings are bound to obey Him. Not to do so is an act of sin and rebellion against the Creator of the universe.

Come to think of it, so is rebelling against school rules.

The reason God wants women to be modest is because there is value to their bodies and their bodies are to be instruments for the glory of God, and that means not giving away any part of it to those who are not their spouses. You don’t have to dress like a nun, but at least keep average coverage.

This might be a good time to mention that when the Bible was a part of schooling, there wasn’t this much lunacy going down in public school. Perhaps we ought to consider revisiting that idea?


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