It seems like every day there’s a new story about the left shoving the LGBT agenda down the throats of parents and doing their absolute best to indoctrinate kids into thinking this sort of thing is normal.


It isn’t.

Politicians have jumped on this bandwagon as a means of undermining the traditional family unit. The goal of leftism is to make the government everyone’s parent, and in order to do that, the family as instituted by God has to be removed, ridiculed, shown as obsolete.

The latest tool in that fight is a new “fairytale” about a prince and his “lover” attempting to protect the kingdom from an evil king.

Guess who the target market is? Five-year-olds. Yes, kindergarteners.

Via Activist Mom:

A children’s picture book promoting homosexuality is being heralded as an exceptional story of “adventure, love, and responsibility.” This homosexual fairytale, which “should be on everyone’s must-read-list” according to Teen Vogue, follows a young prince and his “lover” as they seek to protect the enchanted forest from the evil king. “Promised Land,” written by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris, has already sold out of its first edition. Reynolds and Harris are crowdfunding and marketing the book to kids five to ten years old.

The book opens with, “Once upon a time in a land not-so-far away, there was a place where no one cared if you were straight or gay.” Well, Adam and Chaz, most parents DO care if their kids are straight or gay, and we don’t want your homosexual “scary tale” being pushed on our innocent children!

“We wrote Promised Land because when we were growing up, there were no stories or role models to show us that ‘happily ever after’ could even exist if you were gay.”

This is sickening for many different reasons, but the early sexualization of children and attempts to normalize the perversion of God’s design for marriage are by far the worst.

Kids at this age, for the most part, aren’t all that interested in romantic relationships, you know, cooties and all that. So why force them to grow up sooner than necessary?

Also, if homosexuality is so normal, why does anyone need to be taught to accept it? No one is taught to accept heterosexual marriage and relationships as normal. We just do. Know why? God programmed our nature to see His way of doing things as normal. As the standard, so to speak.

I’ve mentioned this before in other pieces I’ve written, but books like this are part of a strategy called the Overton Window. The left wants to consolidate power in the federal government, as progressive ideology believes that elites calling the shots from political office is the way to create a utopia free of societal ills.

In order to get that power for the government and get people to be on board with surrendering their liberty, they must shift what is acceptable and normal, making traditional values — like one man, one woman for life — seem outdated and archaic. The real reason for this is the removal and replacement of the family with government.

Who knows best how to care for you? Not mom and dad, the government.

The authors of this book truly believe they are doing some wonderful work of equality, oblivious to the fact they are playing a role in the destruction of freedom and opening the door to future oppression.

If books like this simply remained on shelves unless certain individuals bought them, that would be one thing. However, it’s only a matter of time before schools and teachers use this in a classroom setting, indoctrinating your kids with progressive values whether you like it or not.

This is why Christians need to continue being active in proclaiming the Word of God in society and politics just as much as in the pulpit. Otherwise we can kiss freedom goodbye.


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