In news you probably would’ve never guessed you’d have heard today, KISS frontman Gene Simmons just got some bad news from major network news outlet Fox News.

Apparently Simmons decided to live up to his rebel rock and roll persona, behaving badly enough in the Fox studio to get himself booted. Permanently.

The, uh, charges against Mr. Simmons?

See for yourself.

via TheBlaze:

According to the report, during an interview on Wednesday morning with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo to promote his new book “On Power,” the host asked Simmons for his views on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

“OK, I’m a powerful and attractive man, and what I’m about to say is deadly serious,” Simmons said. “Men are jackasses. From the time we’re young we have testosterone. I’m not validating it or defending it.”

According to the report, “within minutes he was demonstrating it.”

An unnamed Fox News source told The Daily Beast that Simmons was scheduled to do another interview with’s entertainment section but barged into a staff meeting unannounced instead.

“Hey chicks, sue me!” he shouted as he pulled open his shirt, the source said.

Oh it didn’t stop there. Simmons also made a few inappropriate wisecracks about Michael Jackson and pedophilia, then went on to “bop” two employees on the head and make rude comments about their intelligence based on the sound that came from the impact.

Yeah, not a very nice thing to do, is it? I can see why they gave him a ban. That’s hardly professional behavior, and whether Simmons wants to admit it or not, he’s way too old to be acting like some sort of rebellious 14-year-old punk kid.

The incident in question was reported to a supervisor by employees, who then turned it into human resources executive Kevin Lord.

It was after this that the order was issued to ban him from the building and from appearing on any of the network’s shows and programs.

Fox even went so far as to post his picture at the security desk with a “do not admit” advisory. Ouch.

While Simmons has been somewhat right-leaning on certain issues in the past, this kind of behavior is just foolish, childish, and completely unnecessary.

Perhaps this ban will help him to learn how to present himself in a more professional manner.

Plenty of other rock stars have made appearances on Fox News and handled themselves with class, no reason Simmons couldn’t have done the same.


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