With Hollywood being a total cesspool of progressive thought, we’re all used to celebrities, directors, and actors coming out of the woodwork whenever an opportunity to opine politically arises, so the fact that actress and rabid feminist Lena Dunham spoke out about the recent shooting in Las Vegas is hardly shocking.

However, the level of stupidity she reached with her “theory” as to what this incident was really about has hit new highs I didn’t think were possible without someone’s head exploding. Yet Dunham has managed to accomplish this mission nonetheless.

Dunham is a fierce and sickening proponent of abortion and was a huge part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency during the 2016 election, which might explain why she lost so horribly.

Anyway, according to Dunham, this shooting was all about race, gender, and capitalism.

via The Free Beacon:

Comedienne Lena Dunham, following the murder of more than 50 people in Las Vegas, insisted on Twitter that the shooting was actually about her favorite pet issues.

Police say there is not yet enough evidence to identify shooter Stephen Paddock’s motive. The shooter’s brother likewise said he had no political or religious affiliations to speak of.

But Dunham opined that the attack on a country music festival was in fact about access to guns, and also about race, gender, and capitalism itself.

In response to a tweet from a follower that added, “and capitalism,” Dunham tweeted affirmatively, “yes.”

As you can imagine, folks on Twitter, particularly those of the conservative persuasion were not impressed.

Oh, but Dunham wasn’t done spreading her special brand of ignorance yet.

Isn’t it convenient that the motivation, the reason, for this senseless tragedy just so happens to be every single issue that progressives harp about? Man, that makes hashtag activism and calls for gun control so much easier, doesn’t it?

Junk like this really makes me long for the days before social media, before we all had to constantly be bombarded by rich, famous people’s political opinions. Celebrities were more likable then too, it seems.

The bottom line is, as of this writing, we don’t actually know the motive of the shooter. What we do know is that he wanted to kill as many innocent people as possible, and largely succeeded in his task. People are now hurting and broken, in desperate need of healing.

Perhaps instead of speculating and politicizing, we should just focus on, for the moment at least, getting answers and finding ways to comfort those who are suffering? There will be plenty of time in a few more days to discuss gun rights issues.

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