Sunday night saw the most deadly mass shooting in United States history unfold in Las Vegas at the hands of Stephen Paddock, a supposed multimillionaire. So I guess that whole narrative about bad guys just needing better economic opportunities is a crock after all, right?

This man killed 60 people — some reports say 59, the number is in flux — and injured 500 others after he opened fire from his hotel room window on a crowd attending a concert below. There’s tons of video footage being passed around of the incident, but be warned if you go looking for it. It’s quite disturbing.

The question on everyone’s mind is why Paddock did it. What was the purpose of hurting all these innocent people? ISIS attempted to claim responsibility for the attack, but as of this writing, there’s not been any information released to corroborate that statement.

Others believe he might have been an angry left-wing activist who wanted to take out Trump supporters and thought there might be a large number of them present at a country concert. Again, no one knows for sure.

While a motive isn’t clear yet, we are starting to get a few pieces of the puzzle. Like these new photos of the shooter’s hotel room, featuring a few of the weapons used in the attack.

via IJR:

On Sunday night a shooter, identified as Stephen Paddock, opened fire from his 32nd-floor hotel room in Las Vegas, raining down bullets on a country music festival below. More than 50 people have died and hundreds more were injured.

Police released information during a press conference Monday that they had found 19 guns at the shooter’s home and 23 more in his hotel room. They also found several pounds of explosive materials.

But now, for the first time, photos have been released showing the weapons the shooter used in the hotel room. Pictures show bullets scattered across the floor along with a hammer and two rifles.

It’s being reported now that Paddock did not have any fully automatic weapons, but used legal devices called bump-stocks which can turn a semi-automatic weapon into a full on automatic.

This incident is absolutely horrifying in every way imaginable. However, that doesn’t mean we should throw out one of our God-given rights and allow criminals to have the upper hand in the process.

Should bump-stocks be illegal? Probably. But that doesn’t mean you have to ban all guns. In fact, every major dictatorship’s first order of business is to convince the population that there are grave threats to their security, so they should hand over their guns to them to make things safer. In reality, the government just wants an unarmed populace because they are easier to control. Just look at Nazi Germany.

If the left manages to convince us that criminals and guns are a significant threat to our safety, they can justify taking the guns, making the military and police, employees of the government, the only ones with weapons. And if the military and police want you to obey a government order, how can you oppose them if you aren’t armed? You can’t. That’s the point.

Also, there’s a proper time for discussing the issue of gun rights, and it’s not right after a shooting happens. Give it a few days to gather facts and to allow families to grieve. Then, once some of the dust as settled, we can dig into the political ramifications of such a situation.

Unfortunately, liberals these days seem to be all about the knee jerk reaction, which leads to mistakes in judgment being made.

Let’s hope we get some answer soon so a proper solution to this situation is figured out.


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