A female wrestler from the University of Michigan-Dearborn has proved she’s a superior athlete in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association’s women’s division by nabbing two championships.

This, of course, is an absolutely amazing accomplishment, one that takes a lot of hard work, dedication, tears, blood, and a whole lot of mental toughness. Marina Goocher should be proud of what she accomplished, rising to the top of her sport.

But nope. Not enough.

Now she wants to take a shot at the men’s title.

via TheBlaze:

University of Michigan-Dearborn wrestler Marina Goocher has won two National Collegiate Wrestling Association women’s championships. Now, she wants to take her shot at the men’s title.

But NCWA policy clearly forbids women from practicing or competing against men.

So, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Women’s Law Center and the Women’s Sports Foundation are fighting to change the policy.

Here’s a sample of the policy:

“This should go with out saying, but from time to time questions arise concerning male vs. female competition.

The rule is simple. Women wrestle women, men wrestle men in practice and competition. Period.

Our rules and insurance coverages do not permit male vs. female practice or competition.

This type of combative activity is not covered under your NCWA provided insurance.
Any competition or combative practice will void your liability and injury coverage.

The NCWA has developed two separate and distinct divisions for the purpose of providing men and women the opportunity to compete in wrestling at the college level while protecting athletes from injury or possible abuse.

Her college doesn’t have a women’s team, and there are no other female wrestlers in Goocher’s weight class in her NCWA region. As a result, she can’t compete during the regular season; she can only wrestle in postseason tournaments.

She said she has been welcomed and supported by the men’s team at UM-Dearborn, and only the NCWA policy is keeping her from competing.

Well, contrary to what the ACLU and Goocher might think, this rule exists because of the insurance coverage, therefore, if they have a problem, perhaps they ought to go after the insurance companies and all the other organizations responsible for the necessity of the policy first.

It really seems as if our culture will do anything and everything to attempt erasing the lines of distinction between men and women. But no matter how hard they try, the differences remain and often times are more clearly seen in scenarios where men and women are in competition against one another.

Well, there’s your little piece of feminist outrage for today. Tune in again tomorrow for more.


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