While there are many annoying and obnoxious subdivisions of liberal progressives in the world — every single one of them highly skilled at rubbing one’s nerves raw — the worst of the litter has to be the “angry atheists” crowd.

You know the type. Any time a group of people get together in public and practice their First Amendment right to express their religious beliefs, these little grouches are crouched behind the bushes eagerly anticipating an opportunity to jump out and force their beliefs on others.

Yes, that’s right. The very same people who think they are some how more superior to religious folk for not having any faith and believing only in science — which ironically becomes their religion whether they’ll admit it or not — are constantly on the warpath trying to make others stop practicing their beliefs in public because it offends them.

They hate religion and want the rest of the world to join them in their nihilistic misery, so bit by bit, they are waging war against plaques with Bible verses, Ten Commandment monuments, Nativity scenes, and now memorial crosses designed to honor the dead. The irony that these individuals yell at Christians for trying to force their beliefs on others, while they use the government to do the exact same thing is astounding.

Anyway, a group of proud humanists recently started doing battle against a World War One memorial because it is a cross. What’s worse is the federal government actually ruled in their favor. Religious liberty is on its last leg in America.

via The Daily Wire:

The Fourth Circuit Court of appeals has ruled that a towering World War I memorial – the Maryland “Peace Cross” – represents an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion.

In a 2-1 decision, the Fourth Circuit said that the 40-foot cross, which has been in place more than 90 years, has the primary effect of endorsing religion and excessively entangles the government in religion” because the local government must expend funds to maintain the site, and it is the only sectarian monument in view.

“The cross is by far the most prominent monument in the area, conspicuously displayed at a busy intersection,” wrote Judge Stephanie Thacker, in the opinion issued Wednesday. She was joined by one other judge on the panel.

Chief Judge, Roger L. Gregory, dissented, saying that the monument easily passes Supreme Court tests for “Establishment of religion,” and that the government does not have the responsibility to ‘purge from the public sphere any reference to religion,” quoting directly from seminal Supreme Court cases on the subject.

The cross, located in Bladensburg, Maryland, was built in 1918 but officially dedicated by the American Legion in 1925. In addition to the main memorial, which honors Maryland dead in World War I, the cross sits atop a collection of smaller monuments to locals who died in conflicts dating back all the way to the Battle OF Blandensberg in the Revolutionary War. It’s base features a quote from Woodrow Wilson: “Memorial Cross is dedicated to the heroes of Prince George’s County Maryland who lost their lives in the Great War for the liberty of the world.”

But members of the American Humanist Association found a handful of locals who claimed to be “triggered” by the cross’s mere presence on local property, and who became “offended” when they had to drive past the cross regularly as they did errands around town. At one point, the Plaintiffs even, erroneously, claimed the Ku Klux Klan was involved in erecting the cross, in a bid to get town residents behind its removal. That effort ultimately failed, so AHA took the case to court.

The American Legion is fighting back, saying they will appeal to the Supreme Court. SCOTUS ruled on a similar matter not that long ago, stating that Ten Commandment monuments could remain on federal land due to the historical significance and value, which they say outweighs the religious symbolism.

It certainly seems as if atheists are a delicate bunch, doesn’t it? I mean, if they weren’t, why in the world would they care what a group of people are doing who are minding their own business? No one is forcing them to believe. Is there unbelief so fragile that the mere sight of a cross has the power to potentially persuade them against their will to put their faith and trust in Jesus?

Whether these folks will admit it or not, they want the rest of the world to abandon religion because they themselves have a negative view of faith. Some intellectual honesty from these people would be refreshing wouldn’t it?


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