Ever since Donald Trump was sworn in as the President of the United States he has been relentlessly attacked by the left in the media for “collusion” with Russia, claims that have yet to be substantiated with real evidence.

The bulk of what the mainstream media used to justify their accusations was a document that has come to be known as the “Trump dossier,” but what the FBI just said about the file undermines the progressive narrative in a big way.

Apparently much of what’s in the dossier has not yet been verified. Yet that hasn’t stopped the media from passing it off as fact, right?

via Washington Examiner:

The FBI received the first installment of the dossier in July 2016. It received later installments as they were written at the height of the presidential campaign, which means the bureau has had more than a year to investigate the allegations in the document. The dossier was financed by the Hillary Clinton campaign and compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

An August 24, 2017 subpoena from the House Intelligence Committee to the FBI and Justice Department asked for information on the bureau’s efforts to validate the dossier. Specifically, the subpoena demanded “any documents, if they exist, that memorialize DOJ and/or FBI efforts to corroborate, validate, or evaluate information provided by Mr. Steele and/or sub-sources and/or contained in the ‘Trump Dossier.'”

According to sources familiar with the matter, neither the FBI nor the Justice Department has provided documents in response to that part of the committee’s subpoena. But in face-to-face briefings with congressional staff, according to those sources, FBI and DOJ officials have said they cannot verify the dossier’s charges of a conspiracy between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

The news appears to contradict recent statements from some top Democrats. “A lot of it has turned out to be true,” Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence panel, told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

“The biggest thing that I think people need to realize about the dossier is that Christopher Steele discovered that the Russians were embarked on a broad effort to help the Trump campaign before our own intelligence agencies came to the same conclusion,” Schiff told the Journal. “In the broadest outline of what he investigated, he proved more than prescience — he proved accurate in terms of the Russian involvement and what their motivations were.”

Whatever the case, the bottom line appears to be that the FBI and the Justice Department are not vouching for the accuracy of the substantive allegations of collusion in the dossier. Indeed, a careful reading of Schiff’s interview with the Wall Street Journal suggests even the combative top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee isn’t doing so, either.

So the question remains, why in the world would the media be so careless as to use this dossier as a source of information, knowing full well the allegations contained within have not been verified in any way?

Because they hate Trump so bad they’re willing to completely abandon what few moral principles they possess, all two of them, in order to oppose him and take down his administration.

The media, which is supposed to help hold people accountable and provide the public with the truth, is totally cool with lying so long as it helps them push the agenda they want to see implemented in America.

We live in scary times.


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