The FBI recently decided to hold an investigation into some of the violent left-wing groups springing up on college campuses across the country in response to the Trump presidency, and what they have discovered is fairly alarming.

Apparently, groups of American “anarchists” who have no love whatsoever for President Trump, have been meeting with radical terrorists from ISIS offshoots and Al Qaeda.

Why were these groups meeting? To hatch some sort of plan to take down the current administration.

via The Daily Mail:

A secret FBI investigation of the violent ‘resistance’ movement on college campuses against President Trump has led to an alarming discovery—the collusion between American anarchists and foreign terrorists in the Islamic State and Al qaeda, according to a confidential ‘Informational Report’ by FBI field offices.

‘There is clearly overwhelming evidence that there are growing ties between U.S. radicals and the Islamic State, as well as several [ISIS] offshoots and splinter groups,’ stated the FBI field report, which was delivered to Acting Director Andrew McCabe on July 11, 2017, and which is being published for the first time in my new book All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump.

The FBI report on efforts by Islamic terrorists to recruit followers among violent U.S. groups like Antifa corroborates President Trump’s controversial claim, following last summer’s deadly protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left-wing anarchist groups are just as dangerous as right-wing white supremacists.

This is the greatest challenge to law enforcement since the Weather Underground and the Black Panther Party,’ the FBI report declared.

Last summer, the FBI dispatched a task force to Europe to report on massive demonstrations planned by radical groups, such as the German contingent Antifaschistische Aktion, to protest President Trump’s attendance at a meeting of leaders and central bank governors of the G20 group of major industrialized countries

‘Task force covered G20 meeting in Hamburg, studied intel from local authorities, Interpol, and other assets, determined that as assumed U.S.-backed anarchist/radical groups had traveled to Germany and took place in the violence,’ the FBI’s summary stated.

‘There is also evidence of meetings between these individuals and associates of ISIS. There is an urgent need to closely surveil the identified individuals.’

The agents sent by the FBI paid particular attention to a group of anarchists from Oakland, a major port city that lies adjacent to the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, the scene of several violent protests.

This is highly disturbing and just serves to further provide reasons why those of us on the right should not at all brush away threats of violence by leftists as nonsense, because, in case you haven’t noticed, things are getting nutty out in the world today.

Just imagine if some sort of similar action would’ve been taken by the political right in this country against Obama? These individuals would be labeled racists and called a terrorist group within minutes. Notice how there doesn’t seem to be much of a call for this same course of action against progressives guilty of the same thing.

Having said that, it doesn’t pain me a bit to admit there are extremists on both sides of the political spectrum. Every group has loonies. However, there seems to be a disproportionate amount of wackiness coming from the liberal camp these days.

Clearly, ISIS is taking full advantage of the political division and unrest in America, using it do conjure up new allies in their war against the West, this time recruiting deeply from within.

Let’s hope the FBI continues to get to the bottom of this and puts a stop to any insanity these folks might be planning for the future.


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