Liberals like to pretend that President Obama managed his full eight years in office without succumbing to the temptations to abuse his power and authority or get involved in any scandals.

These people, of course, are delusional. Obama’s administration was wrought with all kinds of problems and scandals. The IRS targeting fiasco, the Bowe Bergdahl trade, Benghazi, and there’s more where that came from too.

Well, its seems the many corruptions we already know about might just be the beginning. House Financial Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte has revealed that documents in several investigations show that Obama’s administration took money that was supposed to be for victims of Wall Street mortgage meddling and directed it to progressives activist organizations, many of which now oppose Trump.

via The Daily Wire:

Members of the House Judiciary Committee mentioned several weeks ago that they suspected Obama’s Department of Justice had iced out conservative organizations looking for their share of the more than $1 billion legal settlement the DOJ collected from “big banks” who’d played a part in the housing crisis of the late 2000s. The DOJ required banks included in the settlement agreement to make “mandatory donations” to non-profits working on housing and property rights policies.

Yesterday, the same committee said that emails from Associate Attorney General Tony West (obtained by The Daily Wire and linked here), show West and other DOJ officials had been asking colleagues how to allocate the “slush fund” money to organizations “of our choosing,” and requesting advice on how to avoid directing settlement funds to organizations who leaned conservative.

In one email, a senior official even appears to admit that they worded a memo with a mind to “not allowing Citi to pick a statewide intermediary like the Pacific Legal Foundation” because PLF “does conservative property-rights free legal services.”

The internal discussion, Goodlatte argued on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon, created an atmosphere of collusion, which ensured that only progressive activist organizations like The National Council of La Raza, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and the National Urban League, received funds, while conservative organizations who also advocated for improved property rights policies were left out in the cold.

The bottom line is this sort of activity is clearly wrong from both a legal and moral stand point, and as such, those involved in the incident should face some sort of consequence for their actions, to remind folks that no one here in America is above the law. Not even the president and his closest staff members.

Hillary Clinton is a good example of the kind of corruption that has infected our country. This woman, along with the former president, has engaged in shady activity, particularly in regards to Benghazi, and despite her role in things — and in the email scandal — she’s roaming the streets free, when she should be in prison.

If we broke federal law as normal citizens, we’d go to jail with a quickness. A liberal politician, however, gets endless chances. Especially if you’re rich enough.


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