After Sunday’s horrifying mass shooting inside a church in San Antonio, Texas, liberals wasted no time in politicizing this act of evil to once again promote their anti-gun agenda.

While tons of celebrities and politicians took to the Internet to voice their unsolicited opinions on the matter, each spewing all sorts of nonsense as they failed to realize that gun control wouldn’t have worked and in fact failed in this instance, Sen. Elizabeth Warren decided to set her sights on the National Rifle Association.

Unfortunately for her, conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro was paying attention. He annihilated her pathetic attack on the NRA with one, simple tweet.

via The Daily Wire:

Warren began:

Shapiro responded:

Of course, Warren is notorious for blabbering on and on about her nonsense views, doing her best to wax poetic and appear more intelligent than she likely actually is, all so she can impress voters and position herself for a possible White House bid in 2020.

Anyone else sick and tired of hearing the whole “thoughts and prayers aren’t enough” schtick? I mean, seriously. Saying you are praying for someone is a thoughtful gesture, an act of love that demonstrates you care about a person’s current suffering.

In no way is it meant to imply that by simply saying a prayer the world’s problems are going to magically disappear. We live in a fallen, broken world full of individuals born dead in their trespasses and sin, who have offended a holy, righteous God.

The only way to truly bring an end to mass shootings is by the power of the gospel, the only known cure for the sin sickness that plagues the souls of mankind.

No amount of gun control will ever rid the world of evil. Only Jesus Christ can do that, and He’s promised that He will. In His own time. Giving the government, which is run by sinful men, more power to legislate whether or not you have the right to own a gun for self-protection is pure insanity and is like putting on your own chains.

No amount of gun control would’ve stopped this tragedy from unfolding. Not a single one. The shooter was already banned from owning a gun, but due to his felonies in the Air Force not being properly reported, he was able to pass a background check.

Why would we want to put more laws on the books when we can’t even properly enforce the ones we already have? That makes no sense.

If only the left could wrap their brains around that.


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