Unless you’ve had your head buried deep within the dark nether regions of a horse’s backside, then you’re likely well aware that the mainstream media has long ago abandoned journalistic standards of integrity and ethics in favor of shoving an agenda down the throats of their viewers.

This has earned news organizations like CNN and MSNBC the much deserved title of “fake news,” a catch phrase that is fresh in its usage but has been around for a long time in its expression. Heck even the president has gotten in on the action, telling CNN reporters to their face they are “fake news.”

That was truly a great moment, one that deserves to be not only on Trump’s highlight reel, but also on a collection of greatest moments of all time from a president. It’s that good.

Well, it seems those lovable lefties over at CNN are bound and determined to earn the designation of champion of fake news, as they were busted doing something that really is deplorable:

Faking a rescue amid the chaos that is Hurricane Harvey. Does it get any sadder than that, folks? Not really.

Thanks to Trump — and the MSM pretty much hanging themselves with the constant fakery they keep posting online — millions of pairs of eyes are searching the stories being shared to see if they are the truth, holding the media accountable when they report something that’s not factual.

One such pair of eyes, a Twitter user named RedPill, caught CNN red-handed on a video clip, leveraging the tragic events that have transpired as a result of Hurricane Harvey to draw in viewers to their network.

Writer Derrick Wilburn from AllenBWest.Com has the details:

With the whole world watching the tragic loss of life and property in Texas, CNN corespondent Drew Griffin decided to play the role of hero and assist in the saving of a man in distress, which on the surface is certainly worthy of applause.

But then the ever watchful eyes of the internet began to pick up on some inconsistencies that point to the whole thing having been a faked set up.

Twitter user referring to himself as RedPill “Journalist/Reporter for Goldwater, Connoisseur of Truth, Logic, Reason” noticed a few strange things about the supposed ‘rescue’ — first and foremost being that Griffin seems to have squeezed in a wardrobe change during the ‘tense seconds’ while saving a man.

RedPill went on to break down the video clip, showing just how the rescue was staged. This is shameful, really:

As the tweets about this started getting spread around social media, many folks became quite angry with CNN and the backlash was severe with little remorse. Some on Twitter even asked the president why the organization was still allowed to have access to the White House.

That is a valid question given this isn’t the first time they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, reporting bogus news for the sake of the progressive agenda and ratings.

A few years ago, back in 2013, they were busted faking a “satellite interview.” While the outlet was reporting on the Cleveland kidnapping story, a CNN reporter named Nancy Grace was supposed to be in Cleveland conducting an interview with Ashleigh Banfield who was supposed to be in Phoenix.

Guess what? They were in the same parking lot!

When you toss this shenanigans in with the fact that the New York Times has been forced to admit they misquoted the president five times — yes, five times — it’s crystal clear that the overwhelming majority of news outlets cannot be trusted to present you with the facts.

These days it’s all about pushing the progressive agenda, doing anything and everything to brainwash the masses into supporting liberal causes and ideology, even when it’s wrong. Our media used to exist as a means of receiving the facts you needed to make sound decisions at the polls, to hold elected officials accountable for their actions, but alas, those days seem to have burned to ash.

Objective, sound reporting has become a thing of the past. Ethics are outdated, even mocked in today’s form of “journalism.”

Once upon a time, CNN may have gotten away with attempting to take advantage of a national tragedy for their own gain, but thanks to the Internet, transparency in the news has become a real thing.

Perhaps if they are so concerned about getting ahead in the ratings, they ought to develop a strategy to do something in the industry that makes them stand apart from the competition. They could start this by doing the one thing many organizations aren’t doing:

Telling the truth.

If CNN would stop being the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party and actually look into providing objective facts about the news of the day, maybe, just maybe, people would tune in again. Just a thought for their humble consideration.


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