If you aren’t convinced that we are living in the midst of a sick, twisted, and wicked generation, then son, you aren’t paying close enough attention.

Our culture is one that is obsessed with death and murder, constantly on the prowl to find logical reasons to kill off the weakest among us, the elderly and unborn, for the sake of convenience, taking a nonchalant, disturbingly cold attitude toward the millions that die in this country from abortions each year.

Women are rewarded for killing their children, celebrated as heroes of the feminine cause, encouraged to revel in their “choice” by sharing their stories on social media.

All of this murder and heartache, just so men and women can have sex with each other outside of marriage without being responsible adults. It’s not just shameful, it’s pure evil.

One of the leading abortion providers in the country, Planned Parenthood, was just busted a few years ago on hidden camera not only bragging about all of the different ways they kill unborn children, but making deals to sell their body parts for a pretty penny.

Morbid, isn’t it? If an adult human did this to other adult humans, they’d be locked up in jail or given the death penalty.

Not Planned Parenthood. Nope, they get awards, including the possibility of receiving one of the most prestigious award in the world: the Nobel Peace Prize.

via LifeSiteNews:

Planned Parenthood, the world-wide foundation for promoting reproductive health care and sex education, has won the 2017 Lasker~Bloomberg Public Service Award. According to the Lasker Foundation,

Without Planned Parenthood, many individuals would not have access to high-quality and affordable health care. Although the organization is most famous for aiding women, it helps men as well. In 2015, its almost 650 U.S. health care centers served 2.4 million people.

The prestige of the Lasker Awards is so great that they are regarded as warm-ups for the Nobel Prize. So Planned Parenthood could be in the running for a Nobel Prize in Medicine or for Peace. The award is a poke in the eye for Republicans who have called for Federal funds to Planned Parenthood to be slashed. President Trump has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood as part of a health care plan overturning Obamacare. Federal grants make up about 40% of Planned Parenthood’s budget.

So let me get this straight. These people make their living by mutilating babies, literally ripping them limb from limb, and then like some freak on a horror film they sell the body parts, a gruesome and disturbing act worthy of being included in the next installment of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and yet this practice might be worthy of an award with the word “peace” in the title?

Has everyone lost their minds?

A free society, if it desires to last a long, long time, is required to be a moral people. The Founding Fathers made this abundantly clear in their writings and human nature has done a bang up job of backing it up.

It should be pretty obvious that killing babies doesn’t fit in the “moral people” category, which means, if we as a nation do not repent soon, we’re going to have the blessings of God yanked away from under us. If we haven’t already.

The pro-abortion sentiment in this country is a perfect illustration of what happens when a people turns from God and His ultimate standard of right and wrong. Life loses its value and millions of people pay the price for it.

This ought not to be so, but unfortunately it is. The church must stand against this wickedness by preaching the gospel boldly and applying the principles of Scripture consistently across all areas of life.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]


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