When the riotous violence broke out at Charlottesville, Virginia between white nationalists and radical leftists from Antifa, it set off a tidal wave of insanity that has taken the nation and seemingly drowned out its sense of right and wrong along with its human decency.

Similar protests broke out all across the country as the radical left continued to try eradicating Confederate monuments from the face of the earth, with fist fights breaking out between opposing factions as well as assaults on police officers.

One of the blessings of living in the United States is we have the right to voice our grievances, to share our beliefs and protest things we feel are wrong. However, that doesn’t give us the right to hurt others or commit acts of violence.

That didn’t stop the freshly dubbed “alt-left” from being incredibly stupid and attempting to blow off steam by throwing stuff at police, including bottles of urine.

Yes, you read that correctly. People, actual human beings, were throwing bottles full of their urine at law enforcement officers.

via The Red Elephants:

Lets walk that back and look at it. The sentiment behind this makes sense, in a lot of ways its more refined and civilized than the pointy hat people.

However, a bottle of urine as a projectile will douse the person on the receiving end with uric acid and a stench that is unbearable. This would cause anyone less than a saint to become violent. And your plan is to throw this at someone who will kill for no reason other than skin color. You are throwing a bottle of your own excretus at an emotionally disturbed human being. You have to expect that violence will be the reaction. For this very reason, it is completely unreasonable to claim self defense when they react violently.

Moreover, legally speaking, there is literally a Supreme Court case about whose fault a riot is when a bunch of racists and non-racists clash. In a shocking insight into 1940s America, it is not the racists fault. Terminiello v Chicago tells a story of a Preacher who has a crowd in an auditorium, and a crowd that protests the rally outside. The preacher condemns various political and racial groups outside, a riot breaks out, and the Preacher is fined for breach of peace. The Supreme Court decides he has a right to say whatever he wants, however vile, and because he did not call for violence, he’s not responsible. “It is the purpose of free speech to invite dispute”.

This is the sort of thing that makes you step back, put your head in your hands and ask the question, “what is wrong with you people?”

Look, there’s no doubt that white supremacy is vile, wicked, and evil — not necessarily in that order — and should absolutely be opposed in every possible LEGAL AND SAFE manner.

No one is faulting anyone for wanting to oppose such awful ideas. Racism sucks. Period.

However, there’s a right way to voice grievances and a wrong way. I can’t believe this even needs to be said, to adults no less, but peeing in a bottle and chucking it at people is absolutely disgusting in every way and not an acceptable means of expressing yourself.

Diseases get spread like this, not to mention, as the quoted source said above, participating in such shenanigans is a good way to infuriate the wrong individual and end up getting your block knocked off.

Is that really worth it? I’d think not, but it seems Antifa members, who are basically a domestic terrorist organization, seem to lack common sense.

Let’s hope this violence cools off and folks are able to once again act like decent human beings, sit down together, and calmly discuss these important issues without peeing on each other.

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