Over the last several months, we’ve seen an explosion in hatred coming from the left against any and all things to do with Confederate heroes from the Civil War, doing their best to attempt to wipe them from history and the forethought of American citizens across the country.

Now, granted, the Confederates were, when it comes to the issue of slavery, on the wrong side of history. There’s no denying that. Slavery — or “man stealing” as it’s called in the Bible — is an atrocious crime against humanity and a violation of God-given rights of personal responsibility and liberty. It’s not to be tolerated under any circumstances.

That being said, many Confederate heroes, weren’t supporters of slavery, but of states’ rights, wanting to keep the federal government as small as possible. Others happened to evolve beyond their warped views of blacks and went on to do great things that worked toward the end goal of uniting all Americans.

Still, liberals want to destroy any trace of these individuals off the face of the earth, and again, while many folks can understand why, one of the dangers of doing this is where does one draw the line?

Are monuments of our Founding Fathers, many of whom owned slaves but desperately wanted to end the institution itself, safe from this attempt at revisionism? Not really. Right after the mess in Charlottesville happened, a black pastor in Chicago started demanding a monument of our first and greatest president, George Washington, be renamed.

And now, Dallas schools are considering new monikers for buildings named after Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

There’s no end to this insanity. Ever.

via The College Fix:

This past Thursday, the Dallas Independent School District School Board took up the matter of renaming some of its schools, identifying 21 with “some sort of Confederate tie.”

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa noted four schools were “priorities”: William L. Cabell, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Albert Sidney Johnston.

According to NBC-5, “[t]he board seemed to agree with starting with the four schools recommended.”

However, what the NBC-5 report doesn’t mention is the list of recommended schools includes the names of three prominent Founding Fathers — Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin.

The Daily Caller reports that DISD board member Dustin Marshall, at the behest of many of his constituents, posted on Facebook the full list of schools under consideration for new names.

Marshall noted he will not support changing the name of the only school that’s in his district, Ben Franklin Middle School:

“I will not support a name change for Franklin since Benjamin Franklin clearly had many accomplishments that form the basis for why the school was named after him. I don’t believe this school was named after Franklin to send a signal of oppression and control.”

There’s a lot of misconceptions on both sides of the aisle about how to handle the history of our nation and balance out the mistakes we’ve made as a country with a strong sense of national pride and patriotism.

It’s not wrong to admit that our Founding Fathers and ancestors in the Civil War got a lot of stuff wrong. Slavery was bad, and while many wanted it gone, a whole lot more wanted it to stay for their own personal gain.

That’s not surprising when you understand that man is a fallen being who is corrupted by sin and capable of great evil and selfishness.

However, even though we made mistakes, what matters is we corrected them, and continue to find ways to improve our nation and open up the doors of opportunity for people of all races to succeed here if they are willing to work hard.

These statues and schools remind us of where we’ve come from and also serve to remind us of where we want to be in the future, what it will take to get there. Why take something down or change it’s name, just for the sake of not being “offended?”

We lose part of ourselves when we take such steps.

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