Robert Menard is the mayor of the city of Beziers in France, and when it comes to shoving a cork in the mouth of political correctness, this man knows his business and knows it well.

A French court recently demanded that Menard remove a Nativity scene from city hall, attempting to push their PC garbage down the throat of the citizens of Beziers and its mayor.

Menard, however, is refusing to comply with such an order, stating “we will never yield on our culture!”

You can imagine how that went down.

via Truth Revolt:

Breitbart reports that the controversy surrounding the nativity scene began in 2014 shortly after Ménard had been elected mayor of the city. This sparked complaints that the creche violated strict secularization laws in France, and so the administrative court of appeal of Marseille judged that the 2014 nativity did not belong in city hall.

Nonetheless, Ménard went on to put up nativity scenes in 2015 and 2016 as well, and plans to have one this year, too.

Breitbart notes that “A judgement from 2016 stated that nativity scenes were allowed in public buildings if ‘special circumstances show that the installation is of a cultural, artistic or festive nature.’ Since 2015, the nativity has been accompanied by a large Christmas tree as well as a letterbox for children to post letters to Father Christmas.”

On Twitter, Ménard commented on the court’s decision: “They will try to ban our #crèche of 2017, 2018 and up to 2030. We will never yield on our culture!”

Ménard also wrote a column for his former magazine Boulevard Voltaire in which he said, “I am respectful of secularism, but an open, tolerant secularism that does not consist in chasing down what we are and denying our history.”

Menard is no stranger to controversy. Just this year he was fined 2,000 euros because he happened to mention there were demographic changes happening in French schools, noting that a class in his town was now 91 percent Muslim. He then mentioned this was a problem and there are limits to tolerance.

It seems like Menard might be the Donald Trump of France, as the man doesn’t have a filter and doesn’t at all seem sorry for speaking his mind. Nor should he.

Liberals seem to be all about preserving other people’s cultures, so long as those individuals aren’t white and Christian. Which seems awfully intolerant, doesn’t it?

I mean, if you’re tolerant and claim to love all cultures, why would you so passionately attempt to remove Christianity from the public sphere and not Islam?

It’s a pretty sickening double standard, wouldn’t you agree?


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