Teams around the NFL continue to experience massive fallout from their decision to disrespect America and the veterans who have served and sacrificed life and limb to secure their liberty by taking a knee during the national anthem.

Earlier this week, a player from the Denver Broncos ended up losing his sponsorship with a car dealership as a result of his decision not to stand for the anthem. It’s likely others will follow suit, but the damage doesn’t end there.

The viewership for NFL games is crashing through the floor and many individuals are actually cancelling NFL packages with television providers as a means of protesting this protest. The more folks drop like flies, the less money owners bring in and can use to build their teams.

Well, it appears the New Orleans Saints are about to get the hammer dropped on them by Rep. Kenny Havard who is looking to yank taxpayer funding over the ten players who decided to take a knee last Sunday.

From WWL.Com:

State Representative Kenny Havard of St. Francisville says he thinks the state should take back incentives paid to the New Orleans Saints and called the protest disrespectful to our flag and our fighting men and women.

”From them to scream ‘injustice’ or ‘social injustice,’ it’s just ridiculous when they’re sitting there with millions and millions of dollars,” said Havard.

Havard says he fully supports free speech rights for the players, just not during the performance of the National Anthem: ”If they want to do it on Sunday morning, Saturday night, walk the streets, whatever they want to do and protest then do that.”

Havard said the state’s subsidy to the Saints and NBA New Orleans Pelicans have been an issue for his constituents for years before Sunday’s game.

“I imagine that most people in this state, the taxpayers that are going to work every morning and trying to, you know, buy their kids clothes and get them to school, know that we’re giving millions of dollars to some billionaires,” said Havard.

This is a fantastic idea and should be put into action immediately. It’s sort of ridiculous these professional sports teams get taxpayer funding to begin with, in any capacity for any purpose. There’s so many better ways to use those funds. Like not taking them from citizens to begin with.

Havard is spot on in his assessment about the players right to protest. They can do whatever they want to do during their own free time. However, when they are on the field, they are employees in the workplace, and if their team or league has regulations about conduct, they are expected to obey those rules or else be held accountable for violating them.

This is no different than you or I being told we can’t wear purple polka dots on Friday by our employer and doing so anyway, saying we’re protesting against the slaughter of polar bears or something.

Regardless of why we’re doing it, we’re violating the rules.

If only we could get this through the heads of these NFL players.

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