Remember back in the day when comedians used to actually be funny? Yes, that was eons ago it seems, back before the advent of the Internet and every single celebrity schmuck on the planet was given a platform to speak their minds on every issue known to mankind.

Seriously, while the Internet has done much to revolutionize communication for the good, enabling the fast, almost instantaneous spreading of information across the globe, keeping people up to date on what’s happening in the world and creating whole new industries and technology, watching comedians used to be more fun.

I guess you could say ignorance was bliss.

Now we have people like Chelsea Handler, who is under the delusion she’s actually funny, becoming pop culture figures who try way too hard to take politics and make it funny, cracking wise about Trump — low hanging fruit for a person who is supposed to be creative — and attempting to fit witty zingers in 140 characters or less.

More often than not, these bad boys backfire.

Like the time she tweeted that North Korean dictator was way better than Trump, so why not trade?

Yes, this woman really uttered these words.

via The Daily Wire:

On Thursday night, left-wing comedian and host Chelsea Handler asked if we can trade democratically elected President Donald Trump for murderous North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un.

Yes, in the age of Trump, sanity is a thing of the past on the Left.

Handler wrote via Twitter that Kim’s letter to President Trump “is a bit more sane” than Trump. “Maybe we trade?”

Now what takes this statement to new mind-blowing levels of stupidity are the many atrocities that Kim Jong Un has participated in over the years. Hey, say what you will about Trump, but at least he hasn’t actually killed anyone or committed genocide.

Here’s a little list of the awfulness North Korea’s favorite dictator has been involved with:

People in prison camps were starved to death, then had their bodies burned and disposed of, usually by other prisoners. These and other acts drew comparisons to the war crimes committed by the Nazis in World War II. (New York Daily News)

One former prisoner mentioned a time he was so hungry that he found, and ate, kernels of corn he found in cow dung. (National Post)

In areas where winter temperatures can drop as low as -40º, prisoners were forced to sleep in cramped quarters with no heat or blankets. (National Post)

Children are tortured from the age of 13. (National Post)
Torture devices are frequently used on prisoners. People are hung upside-down by their feet, from the ceiling, for multiple days at a time. Teeth are broken. (National Post)

Mothers were forced to drown their own babies. (Daily Mail)

Following some executions, prison guards forced prisoners to throw stones at the corpse until the skin fell off. (Daily Mail)

This was just a few off the list. It’s actually much longer, and that’s just the stuff we actually know about.

While Trump is by no means the perfect president — and I have no problem saying he’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread — you cannot compare him to a ruthless, murderous dictator like Kim Jong Un without being laughed right off the stage, and not in a good way.

The bottom line is, if I had to choose between a freedom hating angry guy with a bad haircut and a brash loudmouth with no filter who is somewhat right in his policy stances and also has a questionable hairstyle, I’d pick the latter.

However, Chelsea is free to move to North Korea right now if she enjoys their leadership style so much more than the folks we have in office here. I’ll even help her pack.

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