A college professor just learned the hard way that we are still a nation that loves freedom of speech and expression, noting that anyone who tries to silence that right needs to be dealt with.

And he was.

Professor Gregory Thatcher agreed to pay $17,000 after washing off pro-life messages written in chalk.

He was also forced to take First Amendment training. How amazing is that?

Here’s more from The College Fix:

Gregory Thatcher agreed to pay $17,000 to such students and their lawyers to settle a First and Fourteenth Amendment lawsuit against the Fresno State University public-health professor, who is legally a “government official.”

Thatcher had sicced his class on the administration-authorized chalking by the Students for Life chapter this spring, falsely claiming the pro-life students couldAcademic Freedom attorneys.” only chalk in a “free speech zone” eliminated years earlier, according to the suit filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom. He also joined in the de-chalking.

The California professor will pay $1,000 each to two student club leaders, Bernadette Tasy and Jesus Herrera, and $15,000 to the alliance for attorneys’ fees, the alliance said Thursday. He’ll also “undergo two hours of First Amendment training by ADF Center for Academician Freedom attorneys.”

The stipulated injunction, approved by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California Nov. 3, specifies that Thatcher is legally blocked from “interfering with, disrupting, defacing, or altering any future legal expressive activities” by the Students for Life chapter on campus.

He’s also banned from “directing, prompting, or encouraging any other persons” to do the same.

Who doesn’t love seeing leftists answer for their attempts to quiet those who believe differently than they do?

Everyone has a right to express themselves and their beliefs, as this is a foundational pillar of what makes our country work.

All pro-life folk ask is that our right to speak against child murder be as equally respected as everyone else’s.

Not too much to ask, is it?


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