It’s becoming ever more popular to hate on America these days, particularly on college campuses, where it seems there is a never ending supply of progressive clowns being spewed out upon the earth for the rest of us, who are actually grateful for the liberty we have, to deal with.

One of the latest examples of this shenanigans comes from two college athletes who, inspired by all the spoiled “protesters” in the NFL, namely Colin Kaepernick, have decided that America has nothing worth being proud of,so therefore, they shouldn’t be forced to stand up during the National Anthem.

Gee, aren’t these two a couple of chips off the old block?

via Truth Revolt:

Two college athletes, Kennedy Kline and Ua Hayes, wrote an op-ed in The Oberlin Review expressing the reasons why they refuse to stand during the national anthem before games. Essentially, America offers them nothing to be proud of.

Kline and Hayes are on the field hockey team and said up until last year, their team has stood, though reluctantly, for the anthem:

We didn’t feel proud to be standing for America because we didn’t feel that America offers anything worth being proud of. We’d felt this before: feelings of discomfort, confusion, and anger over being pressured to stand tall and strong in a display of unrelenting patriotism. At a certain point, we just couldn’t ignore the feeling anymore.

They credit Colin Kaepernick for emboldening them to start kneeling at games and so they began to do the same last fall. And with a new season beginning this year, the team has decided to “kneel once again.”

“Simply put, we kneel for justice,” the op-ed continues. “When the national anthem first reached American ears, Black people were still enslaved. It is not a song written for us, about us, or in support of us. This ‘land of the free’ was a land of slavery and oppression, and what the American flag symbolizes is no different.”

“Until the United States stands for us, we won’t stand for it,” they said.

Well, you know, if you don’t like being here, if you don’t feel like this country, the flag, or the anthem are for you, then you shouldn’t be attending American universities, taking advantage of American opportunities to fund your education like scholarships and financial aid — paid for by the government — nor should you continue living on American soil.

If these two truly hate it here, they are always welcome to leave. In fact, I bet they’d have no shortage of folks helping them pack their bags and escort them to the airport and wish them bon voyage.

The truth of the matter is, whether these guys are willing to acknowledge it or not, this country IS for them. It’s why they have liberty and freedom today, why they’re able to play sports in college and get an education, to work hard, succeed and do what they want.

Yes, slavery was pure evil and a blight on our nation’s history, but that was the past. We’ve all moved on, gotten better. Sure we aren’t perfect and there’s lots of room for improvement, but that’s what makes America so beautiful, so exceptional.

It’s truly a shame these two can’t see that, despite enjoying the privileges they have on a daily basis.

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