If you ever want to take a peak into the future and see what America will be like if socialism and communism are allowed to flourish unopposed, you need to look no further than what’s happening in places like Europe and China.

When a nation is ruled by secular humanism, devoid of a system of law that is based on the infallible Word of God as it’s objective standard of right and wrong, you quickly see a society that degenerates, especially in how it sees the value of human life.

Many Western cultures, which are either democratic or republican in their form of government, take their values from the Bible, and tend to see life as supremely valuable, as all human beings are believed to be image bearers of God.

In a place like China this is not at all the case. This is evident by their government’s desire to control the population, therefore limiting the number of children a family can have, and forcing abortions on those who exceed that limit.

And just about everyone is aware of how heinous their views about having female children are, given that they routinely leave them for dead or give them away.

Another horrific example of the devaluation of human life in a communist system like China’s is what the nation did when a nurse spared an aborted baby and gave him away to a family member.

According to The Daily Mail, back in April of 2013, a young teenage girl named Lili found out she was pregnant and kept it hidden until she was 35 weeks along.

Her brother then went with her to an abortion clinic, where a procedure was completed and staff told her it was successful, meaning the baby was supposed to have been dead and “disposed” of.

How horrific is that? Disposing of a child like they are nothing more than a pile of garbage to be discarded, as if they have zero value. Awful.

Lian Xiaohua, a nurse who worked at the clinic, heard the baby crying and felt she needed to remove him from the plastic bag that was to be his final resting place and attempt to rescue him.

She put the child on oxygen and water, then proceeded to hide him in a cupboard. Later she called her cousin to see if he would buy the child from her.

This act eventually landed her in trouble with the law, as she was sentenced to two years for kidnapping.

Here’s a few more details from Activist Mom:

According to The Daily Mail, local villagers became suspicious of said cousin after noticing the baby and called to inform police of the situation.

Ultimately, police uncovered the baby’s true origins and – three days after the abortion had taken place – informed Lily of the situation.

Lily reportedly sought to learn more about the whereabouts of her child but was denied by both police officers and the government.

As for Liang Xiaohua, The Daily Mail reports that she – in 2014 – was arrested and accused of child abduction.

Lili further attempted to sue Xiaohua for legal fees and support costs totalling roughly $162,000 in USD.

So there’s something about all of this that just seems a little fishy, right? Like how the child murderers in the abortion clinic who placed a living human being in a plastic bag to be tossed in the garbage are getting away with their crimes, yet the lady who preserved human life goes to prison?

Am I missing something here? I mean, doesn’t this seem a bit backwards? It does to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, selling the kid was both egregious and sad, but at least she didn’t try to kill him.

In a culture that glorifies death, that doesn’t see all human life as having intrinsic value and worth due to being made in the image of the Creator, it makes total sense to look at children, as people, as disposable.

We are seeing more and more of this sort of attitude and thinking here in the United States, as abortion not only becomes accepted and normal, it’s praised and celebrated.

Women go on social media and write up tweets and Facebook posts — complete with disgusting hashtags so others can join in the sickening revelry — about how glad they are they killed their preborn children.

To say this is disturbing is a total understatement.

Life is precious because God gives life meaning and purpose. Thanks to our Creator, our existence is more than just the here and now, with every action counting for eternity.

Since life is such a precious gift, we ought to treasure it and prize it highly, doing all in our power to protect and preserve it.

If we don’t want to see the level of horror that is going down in China in our own backyard, Christians and conservatives must continue to fight against abortion aggressively, until it is outlawed.


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