Don’t think the homosexual agenda exists and that educators want to brainwash your kid into accepting perversion as normal and shame them for being straight?

If so, this next story is going to blow your mind right out of your backside.

Apparently a professor in Chicago wants to help teachers make kids “turn out queer” through art education.

This is the world we actually live in now.

From TheBlaze:

Professor Adam Greteman, who is responsible for teaching soon-to-be K-12 art teachers, wrote in the peer-reviewed Journal of Studies in Art Education that educators should be exploring how to help children turn out gay.

“This article explores the possibilities of queer theory in art education, and I playfully, perhaps provocatively, ask how art education can help kids turn out queer,” Greteman wrote in the article, titled “Helping Kids Turn Out Queer: Queer Theory in Art Education.”

“I contemplate the ways in which art education researchers address queerness and how those forms of address impact the relations that are (im)possible within the educational dynamic,” Greteman wrote.

According to Campus Reform, Greteman suggested “queer art lessons,” including a “queerer agenda” in class, and engaging in “queer affirmation” strategies to ensure LGBT students don’t feel excluded.

By doing this, Greteman hypothesized that the teachers could do their part to work against what he called “heteronormative realities” and could “actually help kids turn out queer.

So what, exactly, does this guy mean by “making kids turn out queer?”

Well, here’s what he says it means, but yeah, it’s a bit inaccurate if you ask me.

“I see a working definition of queer as cultivating the ability to look at things in fresh new ways; to be able to see and hold in tension multiple viewpoints about being and living in the complex world,” he said.

Yeah, no.

Queer was, is, and always will be a euphemism for being homosexual. This professor likely knows that too, and is attempting to save face given his word usage.

This is yet another attempt to normalize homosexuality by indoctrinating children with the progressive view of this topic.

If this hasn’t convinced you it’s time to abandon the public school system and work toward abolishing the Department of Education, I don’t know what will.


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