If you look up the word “corruption” in the dictionary, you’ll get a visual definition of the term in the form of a picture of Hillary Clinton.

This woman has officially set the bar for crooked politicians. I mean, now, when people look at a candidate to vote, they ask “is this person as bad as Hillary?” That’s pretty bad.

She’s been involved in several major scandals including Benghazi, Whitewater, and the email fiasco just to name a few.

So why isn’t this woman in jail? That’s a good question. There hasn’t been an honest investigation — one that’s not skewed in her favor — since all of the email junk started, which needs to be done immediately.

Of course, Hillary herself disagrees with that and has even given a reason why the DOJ shouldn’t look into her activities.

via Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton believes appointing a special counsel to investigate her ties to a uranium deal with Russia would be an abuse of power.

Clinton said that if she were to be put under investigation by a special counsel, the United States would be like an “authoritarian regime.” Clinton believes it would send a bad message to the country and would be “demoralizing” to people who have served at the Department of Justice, Axios reported Wednesday. Clinton told Mother Jones:

If they send a signal that we’re going to be like some dictatorship, like some authoritarian regime, where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have, that we can trust our justice system … It will be incredibly demoralizing to people who have served at the Justice Department, under both Republicans and Democrats, because they know better. But it will also send a terrible signal to our country and the world that somehow we are giving up on the kind of values that we used to live by and we used to promote worldwide.

Clinton’s comments are regarding her time serving as secretary of state. Russia routed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, and former President Bill Clinton collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in Russian speaking fees as part of Russian efforts to influence the U.S. government to approve the deal, The Hill reported.

Anyone who cares at all about the rule of law in this country ought to be disgusted by the fact that Hillary has used her influence so often throughout her life to get her butt out of the fire after having crossed the line.

Because of her politically motivated choices and desire to further her own career, she cost the lives of four Americans. That’s totally unacceptable. She should be held accountable for the pain she’s caused others.

Let’s hope Trump keeps his word and really digs deep into Clinton and finds the evidence needed to bring her to justice.


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