President Trump is a popular fellow, but not always in a good way, as is evidenced by the nearly nonstop slams and digs by the media and just about every celebrity in liberal Hollywood.

There have been several attempts to assault him during his presidential campaign, which was horrifying enough, but it seems the hatred that oozes out of the progressive movement for anyone who believes differently than they do was only just beginning to show it’s true colors.

A video was recently placed on YouTube that contained a horrific scene where a man in a white car comes barreling out of the woods, headed directly for the president’s motorcade.

How the incident unfolded was nothing short of an act of God, because this could have been absolutely awful in every way.

The video was captured by a Missouri man named Clayte Hefner in Springfield, Missouri.

Here’s a quick break down of the video via Banned Information, followed by the clip itself:

Oh my gosh! Look at the car that came out of the woods,” cried the man in the video as President Trump’s limo.

That sound you hear in the video is the sound of the white car hitting the barrier on the highway.

“That car right there just drove out of the woods!” said a man.

Secret service agents did a U-turn and exited the truck to immediately confront the people in the white car.

You can see a man exit the car, distressed. He hold his hands over his head.

Did he try to ram the President’s limo? No details were known at the time what it was.

This was President Trump’s first trip to Missouri. Trump even took Missouri by 19 points last November. The line was huge while he was there.

This is absolutely outrageous and horrid in just about every conceivable way.

While it isn’t known, as of this writing, whether or not this was done on purpose, it certainly doesn’t look good.

Regardless, no matter how much you disagree with the president, there are right ways and wrong ways to voice your grievances. Attempting to do him bodily harm is definitely the latter.

This wouldn’t be acceptable no matter who the president was, whether Democrat or Republican.

The Secret Service did a fantastic job of protecting Trump. They certainly earned their paychecks.


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