News is breaking out of Chico, California that a small “fashion” company is boasting a billboard in the town that depicts the President of the United States as a nazi dictator.

Rouse & Revolt is a new company owned by Nicholle Lewis, who is an avid leftist who believes the President of the United States is “a celebrity who was born into money. And he’s a Nazi sympathizer,” according to Newsweek.

The billboard was taken down after about 24 hours of being in the public eye, but not before the people of the town made it well-known to the rest of the country via social media.

Multiple citizens of the conservative small town were so outraged that they have lowered the online rating for Rouse & Revolt, some claiming that they are done wearing their product, and the majority of the ratings having one star in response to the sign.

According to Scott Outdoor Advertising, the company who originally rented the billboard to Rouse & Revolt, the sign was taken down because the advertisement was not aimed towards the clothing company, but rather a call to action.

“It wasn’t clear that this was a business name and not a command or instruction……..I should not have accepted the ad in the first place.” said the General Manager of Scott Outdoor Advertising, Jim Moravec.

Of course, Nicholle Lewis wants to take this further to fight for her sign, “He is not presidential, he is not a president.” Lewis is currently looking at possible legal options to pursue having her sign replaced.


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