Four knuckleheads thought they would take the easy way into riches and fortune by robbing others of their hard earned possessions and property, so they donned hoods and rolled up to the front door of a woman they assumed would be a fairly easy target.

They assumed wrong.

The less than intelligent would-be robbers received a greeting from the homeowner who answered the door with gun drawn, ready to do what was necessary to protect her domain.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is awesome.

From TheBlaze:

Four men were planning to commit a burglary at a Louisiana home Thursday, Sheriff Steve Prator of the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

But they encountered someone who clearly took them by surprise: A “gun-toting homeowner,” Prator noted.

Deputies were called to the Keithville home just before 10 a.m. about a burglary in progress, and the homeowner said hooded men carrying backpacks were gathered at her front door, the sheriff said.

However, when the homeowner met them at the door, she was carrying a handgun — and with that, the suspects fled in an SUV parked in the bushes, Prator said.

A passer-by told the sheriff’s office the suspects were seen on the porch of the home while another was hiding in the bushes, the sheriff said.

Caddo Sheriff’s Lt. Jackie Lewis spotted the suspects’ vehicle and stopped it, Prator said, adding that the vehicle contained several backpacks, masks, a large knife and marijuana.

This is precisely why the Second Amendment exists. Our Founding Fathers had the correct understanding that a person has a God-given right to protect their lives, their families, and their properties from tyrannical government and dastardly criminals.

They understood the biblical concept of depravity, that mankind is born dead in his trespasses and sins and is prone to works of evil apart from the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Therefore, good, hard working folk needed to have the necessary tools to defend themselves.

Here is a classic example of how a good person, a woman no less, with a gun managed to thwart a violent crime. It isn’t likely to be reported on bigger outlets like CNN or MSNBC, because, well, it explodes their anti-gun narrative and shows the other side of the issue. Not something these supposed “inclusive” news organizations really like doing too much.

The bottom line here is that guns, when used properly, are tools for self-defense that can save lives. Since we all have a right to defend ourselves, we have a right to own these tools. Period.


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