Big news here, everyone: President Trump went without his NASA-issued solar eclipse glasses for a few seconds before putting them back on in order to see the moon partially eclipse the sun.

CNN, ABC, and MSNBC had a lot more to say about it, however. After multiple posts coming from CNN on this matter, blog sites and other fake media decided to chime in with their “news.”

I am grateful to live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, where I saw the eclipse in full totality. I sat with about thirty other friends and family as we watched the eclipse occur. Though I wore my eclipse glasses for the majority of the time that I saw it, I still caught a peek without wearing my protective eyewear, just as I assume you did as well no matter where in America you live.

This is the problem that we see in the mainstream media today; the people of our country elected a man to be our President for the next four years because as a nation, we are tired of losing. The lower class is being held down by the policies the liberal media has tried convincing them will help. The middle class is being lied to about everything from healthcare to tax cuts. The wealthy are made out to be the bad guys, even though the majority came out of the other two classes and became wealthy on their own. And small businesses are being choked by regulations. Yet the media can’t get enough of Donald Trump.

Throughout every debate that took place during the 2016 election, the President hit on the fact that when the media stays focused on him, their ratings go up. So it’s no surprise that they choose not to publish anything unrelated to the President at this time. At the end of the day, all the media companies are after one thing: money. When the articles are solely about Trump, the ratings go up. And when the ratings go up, the money comes in. While writing this, I decided to check to see what news they are publishing today about the Great American Solar Eclipse and other news. Instead, what I found was that 9/10 top stories had to do with showing President Trump in a negative light. Stories claiming that he “needs to make friends,” or “should stop tweeting,” yet only one article on their list of top stories for the day had anything positive to do with this.

Though it sounds nice in theory to talk about pressing matters only, here’s what is really happening: the media is selling your grasp of current events to turn a profit. Let’s look at the Charlottesville, VA protest for example. Two police officers passed away as a result of the hate-inspired protests, yet where was ABC when this happened? Where did MSNBC go during this? They were too busy berating the President for his response to the white nationalist protest. In the end, they didn’t hit on any of the Antifa protests because it didn’t fit their alt-left narrative.

So where do we draw the line? As a nation, do we continue to let this narrative be pushed onto us? The message was loud and clear (to most) on November 8, 2016. The candidate who was adamantly against the left-leaning media won in a dramatic fashion, yet somehow they still feel the need to push this narrative onto us. Though the media spent countless hours on air telling us that our candidate did not stand a chance and we should stay home, we came out and voted for him.

At some point, maybe the media will listen. Maybe we can hear real news, instead of about the President of the United States not wearing solar eclipse glasses for less than five seconds. Maybe they will investigate stories before they publish. And maybe they will stop fear mongering the American people for money.

Until then, keep coming to Conservative Today to get the real news. Stay political, my friends.


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